To Ascend in Sahajayoga,One must be Collective and must understand the Chastity , not only physical but mental Chastity.


Sahaja Yoga*, as you know, has a double action, as the Mahakali has a double action. She’s extremely loving, full of joy, full of happiness and She’s the one who’s extremely cruel, wrathful, She’s the one who’s the slayer of all the demons and the evil, and those people who try to do evil. So once you are thrown out into the left side then you can imagine, you can develop any kind of left-side diseases to begin with. Mooladhara diseases are the worst; you develop diseases like mellitus, this, you must have heard of the disabilities caused by the muscles getting degenerated. All muscular degeneration comes from this problem. So at any cost that must be avoided. But if you are not in the collective, if you do not understand the collective, and if you are out of the collective you’ll be surprised that negative forces will join together and they’ll pull you out. So this is one of the things that happens, so be very careful that don’t avoid the collective programmes.

The, another problem about Mahakali is that, that She’s the one who gives you the feeling for your wife, for your husband, She is the one. Now there also, the same problem. If both of them are alright, She’s alright but if She finds any one of them going astray She’ll throw that person out and out and out and the, another person, if that person is attached to that person also will be thrown out. So this business of falling in love, this nonsense that we have here, that you fall in love, but the word is all right because you fall really in love. It’s a real falling happens. So what happens when you start falling in love, there’s a kind of a Maya of this Mahakali and you just get infatuated, your ego gets pampered, or something like that, or you have certain ideas of a wife or something and then you think ‘Oh, that’s the one for me.’

So in these cases only two things can happen; either you can be lost completely because of your wife or your husband whom you adore and admire and you, you’ve finished, I mean your personality is finished. Or else, the another thing which is even more serious is that, that you’ll completely break forever and hate each other. That’s why they say that there’s a love and hate relationship. How can love be hate? But it becomes, because of the, this quality of the Goddess that She is on one side extremely loving, extremely kind, extremely soft, she goes up to a point. And then She throws you on the other side, and that is why in these countries where people always fall in love, you see, they don’t marry otherwise, unless and until they have fallen in love. In that they cross all the maryadas also. In falling in love they will marry somebody who is already married or who is, they’ll carry on with somebody who is not yet divorced or also they will have marriages, among themselves in the same household or something. All kinds of things they do and the old woman marries a young man or a young, old man marries a young girl, like that, all nonsensical things, without any maryadas. And they do not stick together, they have no maryadas. To marry is to create a maryada, maryada of your behaviour and this is the maryada which, if you do not keep, keep, then this Mahakali gets into it. So first of all one has to be collective, the ones who are not collective, the ones who do not attend every time a collective programme. You might give suggestions, that you would like to come for such and such thing.

For example, I have already explained, that you shouldn’t talk, put my, there are so many tapes which they have not, never heard. List…let them listen to my tape then go into meditation and then do the aarti and finish it off. Because these tapes are to be heard again and again. Now those who get any questions out of those tapes can, next time, discuss it before starting the tapes. That’s a very good thing and that works. In India nobody speaks, they just put my tapes on or show my video, after that they just have meditation and aarti. Finished. After that nobody talks. But before starting it, they do it is to talk to each other and discuss the problems or discuss anything that they felt about the previous programme. Because you have not come here to marry someone or to fall in love into something. You have not come here to get after some woman because she’s your wife or some man because he’s your husband. You have had so many husbands and wives in previous lives. But you have come here for your ascent; and if you have come here for your ascent you have to keep a watch. How is your mind working? Supposing I say that you should have good married life, of course, I do say, you should have good married life. But not at the cost of losing your ascent. It has happened with people, we have lost a complete, I should say, a city like that. Such stupidity came, comes up over people. So be careful not to get lost, you have not come here to have only a happy married life but happy married life is just one step. But if that step is taking you away from the real path of your ascent is better to be careful.
Also we must understand the innocence means purity, purity of thought.

As I explained yesterday I hope you understood the meaning of purity. Purity is to be understood much more by Europeans. Very important. Specially French. Because the whole society is suffering. Society can only be pure if the family life is pure. Not only that but your relations with each other are pure. Like I was told that somebody fell in love in Ganapatipule. I mean you go for a pilgrimage. It’s like you have to go to buy a sari and you end up with a shaving stick. It’s that stupid. You are coming to Ganapatipule for a… for what? You are coming there for your ascent, it’s a pilgrimage. But in the pilgrimage I’ve never heard anybody falls in love with each other and goes to marriage. So this bhoot of falling in love must be given up in Sahaja Yoga, that is one of the biggest loads. And, and must understand that purity means chastity. Innocence means chastity, not only physical also mental chastity. You have to have mental chastity, if you don’t have mental chastity you cannot ascend….

(An Extract from Talk of H. H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Mahakali Puja, 12th September 1990, France)

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