Sahaj Yogis are the instruments of God Almighty and They Should Be Alert About Everything.



…..   There is no alertness, is the point. So, you have to get up at four o’clock, four-thirty. I don’t say you have to do it, but discipline yourself because that’s the time you get the alertness, the first shooting of the rays of the sun gives you that.
You’ll always see me early in the morning awake. Not that I need that, but for your sake I get up. You can sleep later on, but that time you just get up. First rays – sun comes much later, the rays come first. That gives you alertness. Then you have your bath, do your Pujas. You are ready. By six o’clock you are ready and alert.
But the alertness should be about everything. Now supposing I ask: “Where did you buy this?” This should never be answered for anything. “Where do you get this made?” I know everything, if you ask me. I may not know about this but I will find out from where did you get it and I will know. Alertness about things, what we have, what is in the ashram, are we keeping it clean or not, or we’re lousy people, absolutely lousy, don’t know anything. Is a big fashion to say: “I don’t know.” I’m not asking absurd question like: “How many hair do you have in your head?”, or “How many stars there are?” A simple thing if I say: “How many cups you have got?”
Same with the men I have seen. It’s not with the women, but men, also, do not have that alertness that they should have. There’s no communication among themselves. They have more alertness because they are right-sided, but they have no alertness about the feelings of others. Like, there’s a husband who is very rude to his wife, always insults her. The alertness of the man should be in the ashram, is to shave off his head and also shave off his moustaches, and ask him just to go about with the pyjama. Or even then he misbehaves, then get a donkey and make him sit on that. Even then if he misbehaves, then tell him: “No water available for you, do what you like.” Such punishment should be given to a man who misbehaves, who has no emotional feelings towards his wife, who ill-treats. Or somebody who is very romantic, also you should make fun of that person.
This is the alertness of men, is very important to see. Also they should be alert as to how the money is spent. You know very well how they have made money out of me in San Diego Ashram. Nobody bothered even to find out, what’s happening to this. They’re paying their rent – finished! Where are they spending? What are they doing about it? Nobody knows about it.
I asked them: “Did you find out where they were sending money? Did they send me the money, my rents, things?”
“We don’t know, Mother. We didn’t see. We didn’t bother.”
There should be alertness as to how much money is going where, where it is spent, how much you have got, this thing.
You go to an ashram, you ask them: “Now, how much money you have got?” In short, you don’t know how much money you have got.
“No, mother, You know we went to that place, and then we bought twenty tins of fish, so all money was exhausted.”
“But why? Why did you buy twenty tins of fish?”
“Because the women said: ‘You’d better buy twenty fish.’”
“How many there are to eat?”
Like that, they have no idea, no alertness, nothing, it’s all a mess. What time people get up, what time they sleep, what time, what they do; there is no alertness about it, because in Sahaja Yoga* you are your own guru. Everybody’s guru. A Great Guru they are!
         You are your own guru, no doubt, but you must have that self-discipline. To be a guru you have to be self-disciplined and a determination, complete determination to rise higher, to ascend by whatever means it is possible, whatever is needed for your ascent. That’s, is a sign of a person who will be a guru. There’s no communication. There’s a communication gap. There’s no understanding of each other. There are problems. There’s no emotional attachment to anyone. That’s not an ashram.

Another story I can tell you, because I have been in Gandhiji’s ashram. Of course our ashram was nowhere like his. His ashram was.. You had to get up at four o’clock, take your bath with cold water, and go for the prayer, and you would see all the snakes going round you. And when you are doing your prayer there, all the snakes, somebody might be sitting before you, doing like that, with you. But most snakes never bit anyone.
You are not supposed to say anything. And best, this gentleman used to walk so fast, this Gandhiji, you see he was hardly he had any weight. So he used to just jump. That’s how I learnt how to walk fast with him, because you had to walk, really run with him.
And then, the food was all boiled, without any salt. You could use salt if you wanted to, and then he would put some oil, which you may not like so much. If you wanted, you could have oil on top of that.
He said: “You must make your tongue all right. Why should your tongue ask for a particular type of a food?”
He was worse than Zen, I tell you! Even Zen tried that very much with his disciples. He used to make things which were bitter, like quinine raised to power a-hundred-and-eight. Then to compensate it, the sweet was sugar, raised to power a-hundred-and-eight, so that your tongue is all right.
So the training of the tongue, then …what you speak. What do you say, are you just chatting? You are a Sahaja Yogi. Every word you say is a mantra. These ashrams are much higher and greater than all the ashrams of the world – even Gandhiji’s ashram. Do you know that you are the instruments of God Almighty, and when you speak, every word of yours is a mantra? Whatever is your desire is the command.

Unless and until you realize this, the alertness about it, our ashrams are just like orphanages. People like a leader to be sweet, sweetie-pie, so that they can eat very well. The leader. Or somebody overly strict comes in. He’s another Hitler. There’s no discretion that you have to be strict, at the same time you have to be loving, caring, protecting.

(Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Hamsa Puja, New York 1991 )

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