Amba as Kundilini Give you Second Birth and as left-side Goddess She gives you a very good support in Your Ascent.

Today we are going to worship the Devi; we call her Amba, and by many other names. She is the last, we should say the residual Power. When She has done everything, She becomes the Kundalini* and settles in the triangular bone of yours. This is the Mooladhara Chakra. But actually She is expressed more on the left side, because that time She is purely the Amba.
This left side is a very, very important thing for all the human beings. If you have no left side you cannot balance yourself, to begin with. And it is said that She gives you a real personality of a Sahaja yogi. That is, your left side if it is weak, then you have to worship Her and request Her that ‘Please enrich our left side.’ By enriching your left side, what She does – She is a Comforter, so what does She give you? First of all She makes you rest. It’s said that She makes you rest; that is, She makes you sleep.

If you are too much thinking about future and you are so much indulging into the futuristic planning, you have some problems. But the best thing is if you can sleep then it’s a great comfort, it’s a very great comfort to you that you can sleep and that you can take some rest. Without her you cannot sleep; absence of her, you cannot sleep. So sleeping is a very important function of the body which is brought forth by the left side. That’s why we worship her, because she should give us rest.

She’s the one who gives you peace. She’s the one who gives you also illusions, called as bhranti. She gives you all the artistic talents. She protects you. But this part that is she is creating illusions for you, that’s very, very important; because those people who are against Divine, who are trying to be away from the reality, she creates illusions for them. So she separates you from those people, while you know the reality; and all such people who are troubling or trying to destroy her work, she is the one who creates illusions. She is the one who resides as the Kundalini. So we can say that part of her is the Kundalini, but another part that she has is the one which resides in the left side.

Now there are seven levels which she resides. Once you start enjoying her on the first level, then she has all these qualities described to you: that she’s peace, she’s the one who gives you love, she’s the one who creates all the beautiful things for you. She is the Mother. And what she expects you is to enjoy her protection, enjoy her love and be always under her complete protection. So this is a very important part of her work.

And the second one is that she is the Kundalini. So she also acts on seven levels. Seven levels she moves, we can say horizontally, and seven levels she moves upward. And all these seven levels on both the sides, she does tremendous work for us. How she protects us through these seven levels is like this, that when you start going towards the left side there are seven deities which try to throw you back into normalcy. They are Shankhini, Dakini – these are the names. And by that you try to come to normal conditions. …

So at one time She’s the one who is peace-giving, She’s the one who looks after you, protects you, and She’s the one who saves you from psychosomatic diseases. It’s a very powerful entity. If She was not there I don’t know what would have happened. So we should worship her within ourselves, we should respect her and understand her. She is your Mother. As Kundalini she is your particular Mother. She is the one, Amba, who gives you your second birth. And as the left-side Goddess she gives you a very good support in your ascent, very good support in your ascent. Without her you could not balance yourself. …

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, from Navaratri Puja 2000)

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