Democracy cannot mature, if you have not reached the State of Self-realization.


…. So that democracy has not created a good society, not good society. They have money, that’s all. But money is also not so much well-balanced, I would say; it doesn’t create good people, good children, good families. It should be the money which is auspicious, which should create good atmosphere. And very sick people there are: certain are very silly also, stupid. Like eighty-two-year-old people, cinema actors and actresses, going for a shake dance – they’re already shaking! I mean, this I can’t understand. And they, they want to ride horses at the age of ninety-two years of age. And then they fall down and die. What is the need at ninety-two to ride a horse? I mean, there’s no maturity. If democracy cannot mature you, then it’s not nourishing. It must mature; you must become a wiser person. If you still remain a sixteen-year-old brat, what’s the use?

So it has failed somewhere. As communism has failed, it has also failed…..


Because you have not reached that state of Self-realization. In Self-realization if you ask a question, any question: say, somebody says, “I don’t believe in God.” All right, ask a question, “Is there God?” three times, and you get a beautiful wind coming on you. “Was Christ the Son of God?” Ask this question: you get it. Then ask about some horrid guru who has been lynching you, and you will get burns, might get even blisters. But unless and until you are a realized soul, you have to – it’s not easy to make it out. The only thing, you have to be connected first of all and to be established. Then you reach a state of doubtless awareness, from the thoughtless awareness. And then you become tremendous.


( Source: An Extract of Talk of  H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi of  Public Program, at Hilton hotel, Sydney, Australia, 16th  March 1990. )

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