Sahaja Yoga will give you realization first and then you judge yourself.

…We have to be a very great personality. If you are misidentified with nonsensical ideas like […] and all these destroying taboos and barriers of life you are sure to loose the ground. You have to know that it has been created within you the possibility of getting your Self-realization. Your Self is anxious to manifest itself in your awareness and it will happen to all of you if you just ask for it. But even that much you people sometimes hesitates.
It has to be done in complete freedom. There is no compulsion about it because it is complete liberation I’m talking about. Those who are not free cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. You cannot be forced into it like a pistol you take and push them in you cannot do that.
It is necessary that one should understand that this is the most important time of your life. For example, in the villages of India Sahaja Yoga* is working very fast. They are not complicated people and they have very simple habits. They have not gone too much on the left or on the right. They are in the center. Of course, in the Indian cities it doesn’t work out because city people are getting sophisticated. It means really spoiled. But in the villages it is growing very fast.
But in the western countries only the thugs and the scoundrels are working very well. Only those who can cheat you nicely you run after them. Those who can outwit in your intelligence and your ego such people are [ ..]. For example there’s a group of people in England who are already hundred thousands in number and now it has been declared as a malignant cult.
In England we have another group of people who are about ninety thousands they have now become reclusive and are in a very bad shape of epilepsy but still they can’t give up. They have become extremely poor. They’re on the streets, their children are starving. Still they cannot give up. These are the effects of mesmerism. That means human beings are more adepts to hypnosis than liberty.
On the left and the right hand side as you see here there are two areas within us. The left side is our collective subconscious beyond […] and the right side is the collective supra conscious.

     Now, it has been established by doctors in England that cancer is caused by some sort of proteins entering into our beings from some unknown area – unknown, they are very honest. There are, because they may call them as protein 52 or protein 58 or something like that, they have given a name to it. And they also admit that these areas are built within us from the time we were created, created from the time creation was created. So, these two areas exist within us but they do not know what these areas are.
When you go to the left or the right, means if you move with these gurus to the left and the right, their hypnosis and their methods of enchanting you, you enter into these dangerous areas and you are attacked by all kinds of proteins which have gone out of circulation of the evolution since creation.
Virus infection is caused by vegetables which have gone out of circulation. Fermentation of anything, even of cheese or of the fermented alcohol and all those things are again taking you the left side. We are not aware of the problems one can face with these indulgences we have. That is why all the great prophets have prohibited us to have anything that will go against our awareness. And that is why those people who are real gurus if these days existing cannot work on you. Because if they tell you, “You cannot drink; you cannot smoke,” you will run away.
If they say that you have to obey the Ten Commandments , you’ll say it’s very old fashion and you’ll denounce it. But if there’s a guru who will say, “Doesn’t matter, you can have ten keeps and you can cheat hundred people, you can do smuggling, you can do what you like. Only thing you give me the money then I’ll be your guru.” Then it’s very good for you. It’s a convenient one. You like to have convenience in spirituality also. It is the greatest convenience otherwise; it is the greatest convenience to be religious, to be virtuous.

      A person who is virtuous has never problems with the police, with his own wife or children. Any virtuous society would be the most [….] No deception, no hiding is needed. But human beings found it impossible to be that. So, we have to have something which will give you realization first and then you judge yourself…

(Sourc:An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji November 28, 1980)

*To experience  Sahaja Yoga Meditations at free of cost, Seekers may visit or any   other Sahaja Yoga website and TV channel

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