Relationship must be maintained with such a beautiful way that the purity is not corrupted.


………The whole thing is that, that relationship is so special, so close and so pure.And such a relationship one should develop with a lady, any woman or any friend you want to have. One should remember that it cannot cross a certain limit, there has to have a maryada. Otherwise they will become brothers and sisters and then they marry, it’s not possible. So we have to have the boundaries; that is very important. In Sahaja Yoga we have to have maryadas and boundaries. And one of them is this: that once you call somebody a brother or a sister, is absolutely pure relationship. Little further we’ll go with that and that the relationship with a, as I have told you before, that with your, say, husband’s younger brothers is just like that they are like your younger brothers, all of them, husband’s younger brothers or younger Sahaja yogis than your husbands, are. The other way round is for all the ladies, we can say, all the men, their wives, elder ladies, elder to your wives, are like sisters, elder sisters.

I mean this relationship is so sweet and gives you a certain amount of understanding how much distance is kept with whom, with whom to be free and with whom to have the distance. And this must be maintained with such a beautiful way that this purity is not corrupted. You keep to pure standards. This is the nourishment of Sahaja yoga*, is the nourishment of your growth, purity. Purity is the most important thing for us, purity in every way. If you are pure, you will not do anything that is fake, that is, we can say, that is not pure.

So first of all you’ll be pure yourself and you’ll accept purity, you’ll appreciate purity, you will be sustained by purity. Any impurity will not collaborate with you or try to compromise with you. That’s why purity is your Mother’s name. You know that my name is purity. And this purity is such that it pures everything, it just purifies. The purity should be such that it should purify, otherwise that purity has no meaning.

For example, a soap purifies, all right. But you don’t purify the soap. Do you clean the soap? I mean some crazy people might be. I know some people, who even wash the tap and also the water. And that’s why, that’s why this water, which is the purifier, water is the purifier, water purifies us physically. And also our poisons are driven out of our liver also by water. Water is a very great element in removing all problems. You use water for so many things; you know how it works it out.

( An Extract of H H Shri Mataji on  Diwali Puja. Chelsham Road Ashram, London ,U.K. 1st November  1981.)

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