The solution is presented by innocence to innocent.


……….Spiritual person is just innocent, ‘just’ innocent. There is no intelligence, nothing. Just innocence. The whole thing is innocence. So whatever he talks or says comes through innocence. It does not have intellect as such, which here people have it through reading and through understanding and by analysing. Nothing of the kind.
It just has ‘pure’ and ‘simple’ innocence and it all works out very well. It is so clean. It just says what it knows and what it knows is the highest.

So this deconditioning has to be brought within us. But you should not discuss it among yourself also. Once you start discussing then you also – it becomes sort of a theological argumentation. There is no theology about it. It is very simple. It is the simplest thing – ‘is to be innocent’. But the innocence is lost, why? Because our attention is in different way, we are attentive to other things. We are looking at other things. It is so simple, you know. Today I was thinking I have to buy three nine-yard saris. A simple question as it is, because there were three ladies who wear nine yard saris and I had to give them three nine yard saris. That is all. I just thought of it. All right. I came here, I saw very nice saris being put here. So I asked her, ‘Where do you get these?’ She said ‘You get it here’. I said ‘All right’. So you go and buy these three saris. No analysis, nothing of the kind. It just came into my mind that I have to buy three saris. Finished. The answer is here. So even the atmosphere is so innocent, the whole situation is so innocent that the solution is presented by innocence to innocent.

Innocence works out in everything, you see, because everybody has little bit of innocence in every one, isn’t it? So you can, – it is like a fifth column, you see. The innocence is a fifth column within you. So if any person is innocent, you see he will work on your fifth column and will make you all right. When you give ‘Bandhan’ to others, what happens, you actually bind him by your innocence and the poor fellow does not know. He has his innocence within him, you capture that innocence, that is all you have done, that’s how you manage. It is very simple to work out things. Only principle, the tattwa, the whole thing rests on what ‘tattwa’ – is nothing but innocence.

So try to develop this by all these things (Neti, Neti) – saying not this, not this. Not this, not this ‘to all your faults.’ ‘Not this not this, not this’ not this, – you reach there. ‘Not mine, not mine not mine, not mine, – you reach there. And that is how it is, and you see the whole material world is not attacking the innocence, because they are frightened. You cannot attack. Innocence cannot be destroyed. It cannot be destroyed. Innocence is something; is all pervading and it cannot be destroyed. So whatever people may try, it cannot be destroyed. But it can be covered, it can recede, but it cannot be destroyed. It will act it’s own way. So try to develop that innocence which is the basis of Mahalakshmi Tattwa, we should say, ‘or that is essence of Mahalakshmi tatva’. So the outward things, the weightage, the weight, the dignity, the behaviour everything. It is outward thing and the inside thing. The tattwa, the principle, on which it is based is innocence.


(Source:An Extract of Talk of H H  ShriMataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Mahalakshmi Puja. Kolhapur ,India, 1st January 1983.)

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