You are born at a time when you have to save humanity.

“…..So you see one has to take a very wise decision, because you must understand you are born at a juncture, whether in, on which you will be destroyed completely, or you’ll be saved completely. Is a very important thing. You have to save humanity. You are born at a time when you have to save humanity. It’s not only Kundalini awakening* that will help, because you might be saved, but you have to save the whole society, the whole family, the whole, I should say the whole universe or the whole creation will have no meaning if you people are destroyed.

Now you, this is one of the way of destruction, by destroying the family. The children become mad, the husband becomes mad, they all end up in orphanages, that’s what I’ve seen, they are mostly in orphanages in their old age, there’s nobody to bother about you. So it’s a question of giving, and giving and giving..…..”

(Source-An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on  Nahbi chakra, Sydney 1981.)

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