Satya Yuga is established and the atmosphere of Kali Yuga being cleared out completely.

Now, we are starting a New Year, and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

In this wish of Mine I also wish you a very deep growth in Sahaja Yoga. (Applause)
Now you all are Sahaja Yogis and you all have to become masters in Sahaja Yoga. For becoming masters in Sahaja Yoga I am sure you are doing meditation, introspection and all kinds of Sahaja Yoga rituals, I should say. In this New Year, I’ll think there is greater chance for you to do much better, because all those years of ordeals are over.We are now entering into the New Era. I say now the Satya Yuga is established.

In the beginning you may not feel the atmosphere of Kali Yuga being cleared out completely. Of course gradually you’ll find that’s all clearing out and all the people who are dangerous for your spiritual life, for your national life, for your family life, will have to take back their way; they cannot be successful here.

Now the Sahaja Yogis have to decide how far they will spread Sahaja Yoga* all over. How many people can get into Sahaja Yoga? There should be many more waiting for you this year, and maybe this year, if you all decide to work it out, I am sure you can get lots of people who will be saved from the curses of Kali Yuga. This is going to be your vow on the New Year day, that now we are going to start Sahaja Yoga in a new way, in a bigger way, in a more dynamic way.

For that, first thing is needed is your Sangha Shakti, that is your collectivity. This collectivity has to be extremely well built-in, well made, well understood and absolutely lovable. This is not difficult in Sahaja Yoga, because practically all your jealousies, all your baser ideas have been completely washed out by your Kundalini. She has transformed you, you are different people; you are very, very different. Not only that, but you have now understood yourselves. You are knowing your Self. And all those who know their self cannot fight with each other. Because this Self is the reflection of one person, of one Deity, of one God. And so how can you fight? When He is within your heart, how can you fight with each other? Otherwise you’ll be fighting with yourself. It would be very, very stupid to do that. So all the fights and all the funny things that you have been thinking about will of course disappear, no doubt. But you’ll become very dynamic. You’ll be amazed at your dynamism. Just you have to rise; just you have to expect your Self to manifest. You can become very, very collective, progressive and you can create many Sahaja Yogis……….

(An Extract of Talk of H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  on New Year Puja, Kalwe ,India, 1st January , 2000)

*To experience Self-realization through Sahaja Yoga Meditations at free of cost, Seekers may visit or any   other sahaja yoga website and TV channel.

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