All your problems are solved if you go to the collective meditation regularly – I promise you….H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – 01.01.2000


You have been given Realization; you have been given the knowledge of Realization; whatever was possible has been done for your health and prosperity, but now it’s your duty to repay to the Divine by your creative methods. You have to be very creative. You will find so many people in this world are full of lots of problems, which you have got out of it. But you can help them. You don’t need any help because you are yourself full of power – power of Divinity within you. This Divine power should be used. It’s not given just to be rusted. This power has to be used. Otherwise what’s the use of becoming powerful? Supposing we have electrical power here, and it doesn’t even give light, so what’s the use of having electrical power? So the power that you have is for the emancipation of human beings. It is for you to raise the Kundalini of people – you can do it. One person can do it for thousands! And I hope now you take up this responsibility upon yourself. This would be the greatest blessing for you, for Sahaja Yoga and for the whole world. Because in My vision, we have to change the whole world. I don’t know in My lifetime if I can achieve it or not. But if you people really join hands with Me, with full effort, it will work out.

Firstly I hear many people don’t go to meditation, into collective meditation. They do not join together. It’s surprising after so many years of work I’ve done – 30 years I’ve been working, and there are some people who take Sahaja Yoga for granted. You don’t understand your responsibility. You have to meditate collectively. Whenever there is collective meditation you must join that. You can also start something in your areas, a collective meditation. And it will work out. Many people who are in Sahaja Yoga are now meditating, I can make them out. I know who are the ones who are meditating and who are not. It’s not difficult to make it out.

And then you come out with other problems like my mother’s, father’s, uncle’s – this thing. There’s no need to worry about that. Even if you are a realized soul, and when you are connected with the Divine, even your own wish will be fulfilled. But it does not. Why? Because you still do not understand what you have become. You first try giving Realizations to others. See what joy you feel. Tremendous joy. This joy you cannot get in anything else. Whatever you may buy, whatever you may have, you cannot get this joy of giving Realization. And you will be so very happy; not because you expect anything, you want anything, nothing of the kind – but only thing is pure joy – pure joy of creating great Sahaja Yogis. This is what you are here for. This is what the Divine wants you to do. Not just to take advantage of Divine power: “Cure my father, cure my mother, cure my sister… ” or else, “I haven’t got properties …” Then somebody says, “My husband ill-treats me…” or some wife says that…. so the husband says that….. It’s going on and on and on. Forget it! You are now above everything, above all these things.And you have become absolutely powerful, believe Me. If you haven’t used your power, then how will you know what powers you have got? It’s as simple as that. Those who have used it go on telling Me what miracles they had, what things have happened to them, how they were protected, whatever they wanted – how they got it.

But see, in Sahaja Yoga you cannot be hypocritical. If you have hypocrisy, Sahaja Yoga knows, the Divine knows you are a hypocritical. It is for your good, for your growth you have to be in Sahaja Yoga. It’s not for somebody else that you are doing it, but for yourself. When people are that powerful I am amazed, how they easily they can get cured. But they must meditate, and they must join collective meditation. Most of the people don’t join collective meditation. I am surprised. I know, sometimes, say in Delhi, there is no sufficient space, so people have to come twice, either Saturday or Sunday; some of them have to wait outside – doesn’t matter. But going for the collective meditation, you’ll be amazed that Divinity is flowing there. Vibrations are flowing there. I am there. It’s not that you are just going there just as a ritual.

Problem is you people don’t realize that you have to be responsible for Sahaja Yoga, responsible for giving Realizations to others and attend all the programs you have of meditation. With collective meditation you get all right. All your problems are solved if you go to the collective meditation regularly – I promise you…………

(An Extract of Talk of H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on New Year Puja, Kalwe ,India, 1st January , 2000)

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