Sahaja Yoga is many-dimensional knowledge of a person and you only get hold of those people who are really seekers.

     ……So, you should not have any misidentification with yourself; that some people are very dynamic, so they think they can do what they like. Some people think they are very sort of receding type so they think they can do what they like – all is wrong. First of all you should not hit collectivity.

          Many people who came to Sahaja Yoga* went away in the search of money, promotions this, that – they got it. “You will have gold.”

But those who are dearer to me, will have food with me. They will sit next to me on my table.” This is what you should ask for. This is what you are for, not for having more gold, for more money, for more this, for more that, but that you are part and parcel of his company.

         I know every one of you. How far you are with things, I know, there’s no need to justify them, no need to say, “This is not so. That is not so”. I know everything. I should know otherwise how will I give you something substantial? I have to give you something very, very substantial and for that I have to know what you need and when I know, I love you. Unless until you love someone, you cannot know so much about a person. I know your beauties and I also know your ugliness, I know your tenderness, I know your harshness. I know all the extremes that you are, that you have been, that you are, and you will be. So it is many-dimensional knowledge of a person.
          Go and see people who are seekers. Whatever level you are, supposing you are dealing with a particular type, say a lawyer is there, a lawyer should meet all the lawyers, a psychologist is there, should go and see the psychologists. You see, at your level, whomsoever you meet, you should talk about it to others that, “This is what it is, we have found out – why don’t you get hold of it?
          And you only get hold of those people who are really seekers? But you must talk now and that is what is another – get out of your shyness. That is very important to get out of your shyness. Talk to people. But I have seen people, when they talk about Sahaja Yoga, instead of bringing a good name to Sahaja Yoga, they bring a bad name, because when they talk, they talk in such a way as if they have reached heaven! That’s not good. We have to say that, “We are just the same. We are just the old eggs and we are just trying to talk to you because we have found something.” So others are not hurt.
             So for that you have to remember the past now – that, “We were like this, and if somebody had talked to us like this, we would have been hurt. We have to remember our past.” Remembering the past just for your own manoeuvring, that’s all, not that, as a part and parcel of you, but just for your manoeuvring, how to deal with others. Unless until you remember your past, you will not know how to deal with others and you won’t have compassion. So that is what we have to see, the importance of the past…….

           So many are lost in intellectual pursuits, so many are lost in financial pursuits, so many are lost in political pursuits and so many are lost in so-called service pursuits. All of them belong to some category and you had belonged to one of these categories, so you have to think of them, try to bring them out, do something about it. Have a wider personality.


(An Extract of Talk of H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on New Year’s Eve Chelsham Road Ashram, London ,U.K., 31st December 1981)

*To experience Self-realization through Sahaja Yoga Meditations at free of cost, Seekers may visit or any   other sahaja yoga website and TV channel.


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