A Sahaja yogi knows that reality is Paramachaitanya which is divine love that work out everything.

………So all of you Sahaja yogis have to know that in reality you do not do anything, and everything is done by Paramachaitanya. This is the difference between a non-Sahaja yogi and a Sahaja yogi. A non-Sahaja yogi does not know. And even if he knows, this is not the truth in his heart. It’s not a part and parcel of his being. But a Sahaja yogi knows that reality is Paramachaitanya, and it is reality that works out everything.

And then this reality is the divine love. We always separate love from action. To us love means some sort of a mad behavior towards a person. It has no technical know-how, how to love. It works without any understanding. When we love somebody we don’t know, what do we do? We think we love you; tomorrow we start saying, “I hate you.” So how can it be love?

We love our own children, love our own family, love our own friends – which is so unreal. If it was real it would never have failed. That you cannot definitely say that, all right, today you’ll work for your son and be very selfish about your son. But you can’t say tomorrow how he will treat you or you’ll treat him.

But Paramachaitanya knows. It knows how to express its love. Not only that, but it’s an eternal feeling of love which may change its hue, color, but the concern of that love will be the same.  The essence of love is concern.

Even if supposing somebody does wrong, the concern of the Divine would be to correct that person – concern. Or for it we say as “hita,” is the benevolence. So the concern for the benevolence will be all the time there, whether it may appear to be sometimes cruel, might appear to be affectionate, might appear to be over-indulgent; whatever it may take a form, like a wave. Whichever way it may look, but actually is for your benevolence. It works for your benevolence. Not only your benevolence, but the collective benevolence. And it knows very well what is to be done, how it is to be worked out. It does not have to go and learn from anywhere, because the complete knowledge of all this know-how also is within itself. It’s such a storage of wisdom, knowledge and love. So it does not deviate.

Once you become a Sahaja yogi, the concern for your benevolence is all the time there. Whether you are punished or not is a different point.


(Source: An Extract of Talk of H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Paramchaitanya Puja. Taufkirchen (Germany), 19th July 1989.)

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