Your life has no meaning until you get your self-realisation-Shri Matajii Devi 18.02.1981.

….you must get your self realization*, otherwise it will be like ……you don’t have the eye-sight and I am telling you which one is red colour and which one is green. You get the self-realization, once you start seeing, then I will tell you everything, which colour is this and which colour is that. Please seek it with humbleness and faith, but faith does not mean blind faith, you have to seek a very big think from me, but if you are sitting on the road, then Gods also see you and you must know that they know everything about you. There (means in God’s world) you cannot get self-realization. Keep in mind even while giving the lecture I am playing my game, because I am Mahamaya. I say some things like that, that is someone has to get stuck, then they are just stucked, but please don’t fall into these games, get self realization, these are all dramas/games. Those who have studied and read a lot, and are very egoistical, I get them stucked for sometime and they are left handing in there, When their ego goes down they come around. So you tell your ego, Mr a lot had been done for you, but now you stay put and let us get self realization and self realization only is “the ultimate”. That’s the duty, that is the aim, that only should be in your attention, that’s everything and that’s our goal, until you get your self realization, your life has no meaning…..

(An extract of  Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi , Public Program, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, 18th February 1981.

*To get your self realisation, visit or any other Sahaja yoga website, centre.

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