The light of Spirit is Love that is emitting from your heart give you joy and love others, all the conditioning will drop out.



……..So to cleanse yourself and to be open is the best way to enjoy life. Some people may laugh at you, some may make fun of you, some may try to trouble you; but most of them will love you, because you are so pure, and you will be yourself at peace with yourself. So the best thing is to have introspection to see yourself, whether you are Love or not. Like some people are conditioned and they want this should be like this that should be like this, it should have been there, we should do this we should do that, we should organise like this, we should cook like this;I mean conditionings are there that according to them that’s something good. And if that doesn’t happen then they are unhappy. And some are right sided egoistical, they want to dominate others, if they cannot dominate then they are unhappy, they are angry. So they are miserable, so they make others miserable also. So the first type which is left sided makes himself miserable,while the second type makes others miserable: but both are wrong.

You have no business to make yourself miserable, because God has created you to be joyous and happy. So one should only know that you have to be the Spirit. So all these conditionings will drop out, ego will drop out. But when we talk of Spirit we always think of something very dry. No it’s not at all, it is absolutely Love, Spirit is Love. You can say the light of Spirit is Love. So it is important to understand that it’s the love only that is emitting from your heart will give joy to you. Look at other people as you have to give them love. You’ll feel very powerful and the bhoots and all the badhas will run away. Once you decide that I have to just love others, all the conditioning will drop out……

(Source: An Extract of Talk of H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Rome ashram ,Pichini ,Italy, 22nd  February 1991.)

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