Rishi-Muni with their Atmashakti foresaw new yuga of bliss through Mahayoga 16000years ago and this work would be started in 1970.

…..Sahaja Yoga is a cycle by which the Kundalini awakens and touches our Atma Tattwa. At that time the light of Shiva Tattwa spreads in us. When the Kundalini comes in the Bramarandra and pierces it, at that time the Atma Tattwa’s place is at the feet of Sada Shiva, on our Brahmarandra. This is the place that is made for it but its reflection is in our heart. Just as a thing is situated in one place but its reflection is in our heart. In this way when the Atma touches us at that time, its light spreads in our heart.
Whose  heart is small, whose heart is not fully surrendered, in whose heart there are doubts, in such water the reflection of the Atma cannot be attained (gained) and however much light we put there it is of no use. And that is why we keep our hand on our hearts and say: “Mother I am the Spirit”. But only by just saying I am the Spirit or by saying the same mantra you have not entered the Atma Tattwa. There is only one way, (or solution), that we should become one with the Atma Tattwa. Become one with it. Just like when we put salt in the sea-water it gets dissolved in it completely, in this way you should be dissolved in this infinite ocean, and concentration should come in us. At first all these things will be in that Samadhi state, when man would achieve the state of the Brahmarandra by closing the eyes. But the speciality of Sahaja Yoga which is a very beautiful experiment and which is a strange method of Parameshwari Shakti, with the help of this, man, without going into the Samadhi state achieves this tattwa of experiencing this Brahmarandra tattwa within himself. In seeing this we find that we have achieved a dream, or in a dream we have achieved it. This bliss is beyond explanation.

Once when I was reading the Nadi Grantha, and in it the gentleman named Bhujama(?) has made a point that this work will start after 1922, and you must know that I was born in 1923. And then a “Sakshat parama chaitanya avatar” would come and with the help of this avatar Kundalini will be awakened easily, without going into the Samadhi state they will achieve the Brahmarandra tattwa. And it is also said that there will be no trouble, nor any difficulty. Men will achieve the blessings of the param chaitanya and will reach this very high state for which men have been seeking for thousands of years, When you read the Nadi Grantha you will be surprised that this was written 16,000 years ago – and as if a Sahaja Yogi has been mentioned. The rishi-munis had also written that in 1970 this work would be started. They know it due to their awareness of Atma Shakti because they were avadutas, and they with their Atma Shakti, foresaw this new yuga of bliss and wrote about this Maha Yoga…..

A person who has completely submerged himself in the ocean of Sahaja bliss, for him there cannot remain any problem or question left unanswered because this is the ocean of Shiva Tattwa. This is the ocean of Shiv Tattwa. This is the ocean of tremendous Shakti (power) and this tremendous Shakti is of the love of Lord Shiva, it is of the ocean of Shiva Tattwa and is the Shakti of the love of the Lord.

In this, once you dissolve, you get dissolved and start emitting this shakti of love. You get into a state of ecstasy and that shakti starts manifesting from every part of your being. You can rise much more than those great seers and all the great saints of the past because I was not sitting before them. But there is so much lacking in surrender that the people just think of their jobs, then of their families, children, wives, relations and then if they are left with any time they come to Sahaja Yoga. But, as against this, if you surrender everything to Sahaja Yoga*, then this tremendous shakti will correct your children, your homes, your jobs, your trade, your health etc, all will be looked after. And it will enlighten you so much that people will say: “How enlightened his life is”!….

(An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shivratri Puja Mumbai, India 24th February 1988.)

*To Experience self realisation through Sahajayoga Meditation visit http://www.sahajayoga.org.in or any other website/Tv channel.

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