So you are the heart as a woman, and he is the head of the family.- H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 8th March 1980.


……There is nothing wrong in man becoming the head, it’s all right, – you become the heart. Heart is more important than head is. Perhaps, we do not realize that how heart is important. You see, even if the head fails, the heart can go on. We can go on always up till the heart is going on. But, if the heart fails, the head fails too.

So you are the heart as a woman, and he is the head of the family. Let him have that feeling that he is the head; it’s a feeling, just a feeling. Like the head always feels that he decides. But, it’s the brain that also knows that it’s the heart one has to cater for. Is the heart which is all-pervading, which is the real source of everything. So the woman’s position, if she understands how important it is, she would never feel let down or dominated if she knows she’s the heart. I think this is the point people, women, especially in the West, have lost and have forgotten and have not realized. If they had realized this point, there would have been much less problem.

You see it is not the way people think they control others and dominate others or sort of try to suppress them. It is not that way. It is the heart which really covers everything. Heart rules out everything else. It is heart which has got power to envelope the brain, to sooth it. Brain is a headache, you know, it works, works like mad. But, heart is the one which can really cover the whole body with its love and can soothe it and can give it joy and happiness. It is the heart which contains the spirit. So, heart is a very important thing, which is the power. The body like ultimately you have to become the spirit, which is in the heart….

Now this brain can go all off the roof, it can go and it can be very, very taxing, it creates tremendous problems within. So, heart must be respected. Heart must be obeyed. That’s the point, you see. Heart must be obeyed. But, that doesn’t mean that the women should dominate men. It doesn’t mean that. Obeyed means you must understand what your love says. See do it in love. If you do it in love, it’s very good……


(An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Dollis Hill ashram, London ,U.K., 8th March 1980.)

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