An advice to IAS Officers by H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Mumbai ,India, 11th March 2000.


I have been always worried about the IAS, IPS, and other Government servants, very much worried because I have known the kind of life My husband was leading. And I used to think: if these new people, who have come to the services, to the Government service, we have to tell them the dangers that are ahead of them. Because we don’t know what is the subtle system within us, which works……..


What happens is that our movement on the autonomous nervous system goes to the right side. The right side, it’s very good otherwise: A person looks very impressive. He can oppress other. He can be aggressive. He can be very systematic. All these things can be there but it has a reaction. The reaction is horrible because this right side affects our liver to begin with. Now the liver is called ‘liver’ because live, we live because of liver only. That’s why it’s called ‘liver’. This liver gets affected and there is no actually treatment we should say in the medical science for liver. They can replace it with a pig’s liver or some liver like that. But otherwise, there is no way out. …………

There is, you see, in Sahaja Yoga* there is nothing like any position or anything. We have to humble down. This false pride is of no use. We humble down. When we humble down, it’s very easy to achieve it and to get this into yourself. After all, otherwise, what is it? What is life for? There’s no enjoyment. There’s no experiencing of what you are doing. So much work you put in I know, I know that. I know how you people have to work hard. But to get over, to get over all the strain and stress, you must do meditation for five minutes which they will tell you how to do it. Five minutes in the evening will help you. So, just like as you take bath in the morning, bathe yourself with the showers of this Kundalini. She’s your mother. She has been your mother from ages and she has recorded everything about you within itself. This is the subtle side of you and when you want to have your Realization, she’s very anxious to be awakened. She’s extremely anxious and it works wonders. I am surprised that how people get Realization in no time. The only trouble with them is, it’s like a primule or you can call it the ‘ankuraa’, which grows but it doesn’t become a tree. So, little bit you have to meditate. You have to be collective and works out. In collective, you forget everything, your position everything. I have known IAS officers who have been dancing with the villagers, singing with the villagers, so much they enjoy. They said, “We knew this but we never wanted to express it, you see.” So all this drops out. All these outward bondages drop out and you become one with the collective. You know their problems. You know how to solve them and it’s very good. I think this is what is only one has to achieve, nothing else. If you achieve this, you’ve achieved the last and the best. With this then you can help others. You can give Realizations to others. You can save their lives. I mean, it’s all your power that is going to work out. In these days of horrible struggle and all kinds of things happening, violence, very much needed is this Sahaja Yoga. And you’ll be amazed, it is something a grace that people get it……

Now as it is, so much of illness, sickness I find, mostly I find with all the people who are working very hard is the right sided problem. Some sort of a right side. And it can be absolutely cured, absolutely be under your control, and you can cure others also. This is such a blessing we have in this horrible Kaliyuga. The worst times, they say, the worst and worst that is the time is now and you see the effects of that. But in that only, the lotus of Sahaja Yoga has come up.

You don’t have to pay for it. That’s one thing you should know. Anybody asks money from you, he’s not Divine. Don’t have to pay for it, at all. When you grow and when you achieve, when you give Realizations to others, then you will be surprised you rise into a new realm of understanding which is a doubtless awareness which is called as ‘Nirvikalpa Samadhi’ according to Patanjali…..

I have no secretariat. I have no secretary. I have no P.A., nothing. And we are working in 86 countries. So it is just works out because it is this Divine power which is so helpful or which is so kind.

(An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Mumbai ,India, 11th March 2000.)
*To Experience self realisation through Sahajayoga Meditation ,visit or any other Sahajayoga website/Tv channel.

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