If you enter into your being fully then,you understand the myth of possession and power.

…..Now there are people who get attached to someone, to one person or to the family, to their children, to their relations – very common in India – that’s also not the way you can get to God. That’s also so limited. Keeps you hanging round them and wasting your energy completely.

But if you enter into your being fully then all these things have such meaning; everything has a meaning then. In the sense that if you possess anything, and if you are that kind of a person who is supposed to be possessive: he never possesses, he’s so detached. He’s never possessive, he’s so detached about it. But he can play around, because he’s so detached. He can create a drama out of it. He can play with the possessions and teach lots of lessons to people. He’s so detached, so generous. He enjoys his generosity. The whole thing becomes so different, so dynamic. All the beauty that is created by human beings, as possession, is exposed before you and you start enjoying all those things without possessing them. You understand the myth of possession.

Same with your powers that people have over other people. Those who try to make money out of Sahaj Yoga or want to have a kind of a privilege over Sahaja Yoga, which can be very subtle, this can go very far. This subtlety goes to this extent that I’ve seen people try to save money on account of Sahaja Yoga. That’s also the attention is on money. To make money or to save money, to make a business out of Sahaj Yoga is all absurd, but if you say so, I said, “Alright go ahead for a while, try.” You’ll find that Sahaja Yoga is no business. Of course Sahaja Yogis can work together, can do some business, but Sahaja Yoga is no business: is the business of God, where you have to give everything that you have; not to be attached to anything, not to be attached. There’s no money to be paid as such, but all your heart has to be poured into it. If you cannot pour your heart into it you cannot achieve that.

Same about power: some people think that they can even overpower Sahaja Yogis, impress them, to control them. Such people are thrown out of Sahaja Yoga, completely. You have to enjoy the power of love; that people see you as their protector, as their help, as their support, as their friend, than somebody who is a dominating personality. You have to be a father head and not a demonic destructive force which is always threatening everyone. Such people will be thrown out of Sahaja Yoga in no time. You have found out this . Have no sympathies with such people, Nothing.  That will bring you down. In no way you should . Keep yourself aloof from them. Otherwise when they are thrown away as tangents from Sahaja Yoga you might get out with them, so be careful….

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Devi Puja. Sydney ,Australia, 14th  March 1983.)

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