Whatever is the truth you say because you become the truth.-H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (15.03.1985)


………..But as it is today we see that there are many seekers who want the truth, and the truth is a simple thing, very simple thing is the truth, that you are the spirit – you are the one who is the spirit, not this body, not this mind, not this ego, not this superego, what you are is the spirit and the Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty within you and you are the reflector. This is the truth and once you become the truth the nature of spirit is that it is the truth. As I told you yesterday we live in the areas of relativity, everything is relative to us – we do not know the absolute, the only -thing that knows the absolute is the spirit. That’s the only thing that knows the absolute – it does not live good or bad,….

……….But you become the warrior of truth, a warrior of truth like Christ, when he saw people stoning Mary Magdalene he stood up, he had nothing to do with prostitutes, such people have nothing to do with prostitutes, but he stood up and he said to those who have not sinned so far can throw a stone at me, that’s the strength of the truth. Truth is not afraid of anyone. You’ll be surprised in the year 1970 openly in a much bigger hall than this I’d openly taken the names of all the fake gurus and what they were in last lives and how horrible they are, openly. And everybody says they are going to come with pistols, so I said I have to see who’s going to come with a pistol, let’s see. Not one inch they moved. That’s the power of truth.

When you know the truth you say it. You are not afraid of death or any threats. Whatever is the truth you say because you become the truth. You become very honest to yourself, you cannot be dishonest anymore, you cannot be. You become so tranquil within yourself because you get integrated in your mental, physical and emotional being, there’s nothing torn between people. Just understand this is the right thing. This is the right path. Whereas if you feel you are lifted up, you are going in a path which doesn’t touch all these bifurcations, diversions, all these temptations and all stupid wastage of time, but you are just moving so smoothly into a realm of such beauty and love among yourselves. Then the relationships between men and women in general, becomes very pure, like sisters and brothers. It’s such a pure relationships you never find any problems like that……

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Public Program at Melbourne ,Australia, 15th  March 1985.)

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