Only people whom you think are capable of recognizing Me, only have Pujas with them.-Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (18.03.1985)


…….Now also you must judge the Sahaja Yogis by their vibration. Don’t pay importance to people who try to be too much close to you. You must know that they must be suffering from something so they are going to be with you more. In a way they insist, are traveling to come and stay in the Ashram, this, that, just see vibrations. If vibrations they are all right, how they work out first see, how they work out, how far they can go, how much they recognize Me. If they recognize Me, well and good. Then get them. But see their vibrations and if they recognize Me, these two points you must see. If they do not recognize Me they you shouldn’t have them. Don’t have funny people here. Anything who is sick, anybody, should be out. Ashram is not the place for sick people. And don’t allow them to come.[..]

Only people whom you think are capable of recognizing Me only have Pujas with them.You need not have all of them. Puja also you must be discriminated. One should not be cruel about it, one should be sensible and tactful of handling people. Also sometimes you tell, “You are a bhoot and you get off (laugh…)” You see, that’s something very important that’s you should say that she is not yet ready for puja. If they are not coming for the inner circle.

For Pujas just have people who are recognizing Me, otherwise don’t have them. […]

And for you also it is important that you must surrender to Me fully recognizing Me as Mother. ….

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to Leaders at Melbourne,Australia, 18th March 1985.)

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