So the problem now is between the people who are not knowledgeable and those who are knowledgeable.-Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (21.03.2002)


…..According to Sahaj Yog, Allah is nobody else but Vishnu and Vishnu who came also as Shri Ram. So whatever they call as Allah is Shri Ram Himself ! Only a Sahaj Yogi can understand that. If you put up your hands now when I am talking, you will be surprised what vibrations have come, because it is Shri Ram, who is Allah, whom you are trying to insult by your stupidity.
So it could be stupidity on part of Muhammed-sahib or on part of Hindus. Hindus are also not understanding, somehow they know that is the birthplace of Shri Ram, somehow, I don’t know, somebody must have told them. Or maybe — I don’t know how they know — they don’t know vibrations. I haven’t yet met many Hindus who have vibration — I mean those who are what you can call fundamentalist. They never have vibrations. So I used to wonder, how do they know this is the Janmabhoomi [birth place] of Shri Rama. Maybe, somehow they come to know. But they have no point to prove. The problem is, if they were Realised souls, if our high court judges were Realised souls, if our cabinet were realised souls, you could have talked to them. But they are all — what should I say? — absolutely blocked people. How to tell them that this quarrel is a nonsense? It is perfectly all right to build a temple of Shri Ram. But whatever you may say, the trouble is first they all should get their Self Realisation.
Just now, at the time when we are talking, see, there are not sufficient people who have got Self Realisation. You are all Realised souls. There was another one who told Me, who was giving Realisation to these Mahantas — Mahantas (Priest)  are the people who are suppose to be saints — and every one of them, when they got Realisation, they got exposed, so he didn’t know what to do with them. That may happen with anyone, even in Christian churches or you go to Jews — everywhere you’ll find this is the problem. If you give them Realisation, they will get exposed. So what’s the use of disturbing all the people who have such faith in them and think they’re very great people.
Now only way you can judge them is through vibrations. But out of love, I can’t tell them that: “You are not Realised souls. You have no business to talk about Shri Ram or about Mohammed-sahib. They’re much beyond you.”
So the problem now is between the people who are not knowledgeable and those who are knowledgeable. It was a very big gap before. Only one person used to be a Realised soul; so they used to stone him, beat him, do all kinds of things. Now you are so many. So, if you put up your case anywhere, even at this stage, nobody is going to listen to you.
I would request you only one thing. Give Realisation* to people, as many as possible, and not to any ‘spiritual’ so-called people. Because they get exposed, what’s the use?
This is a common thing. So many people have told Me: “We gave Realisation to one priest. He got exposed……..

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Puja for 79th Birthday, Delhi, India, 21st  March 2002. .)

*To experience realization through Sahaja Yoga Meditations at free of cost, Seekers may visit or any other Sahaja Yoga website and TV channel.

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