Morality should be our basic asset in Sahaja Yoga.- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (31.03.1999)


………Morality goes hand in hand with all kinds of violence. Anybody who is a violent person, a person who is in the mafia, a person who’s regarded as an outcast, all of them are adulterous people of the worst type. So one has to understand how important it is that morality should be our basic asset in Sahaja Yoga*, specially, I would say, we are so lucky today that it should be celebrated in the land of Shri Ganesha, that we should be here to celebrate His resurrection, which actually is due to His clean, we can say, absolutely nishkalanka life, life which was so pure. His purity was there because He was nothing but chaitanya. He was nothing but vibrations. He was so pure that He could even walk on the water. He was so pure that death could not kill Him.

So we have to aim at our purification. We talk of resurrection, of when we think of getting a second birth. [………]   But we have to look at ourselves, about purity part of it. On a very low level of people, you see, I have seen that the impurity comes from what Christ has called as murmuring souls. These are the people who start talking at the back of others and just enjoy this kind talk. This is a very low level of a personality. I think in Sahaja Yoga this should go away completely because it creates problems and the main, basic strength of Sahaja Yoga, which is collectivity, is harmed by that. Specially, in this respect, I would request the women. Specially the wives of the leaders have a great responsibility. If they start talking like that, taking interest in such talks, then they come down to the level of others and their motherhood is challenged. Any mother who allows the children to talk like that is really spoiling the entire life of children.

Anybody who talks ill of any people in Sahaja Yoga is really extremely dangerous for both of them, but especially for the person who does it. So one should always avoid even thinking ill of others, let alone the talking of it. If anybody talks like, you should put your hands to your ears and say, “Don’t tell me. I don’t want to hear anything against anyone.” Because when we start talking against someone, we get all the bad things that person has, Apart from that, our mind is spoiled, is impurity in your mind. Then we talk to others, it increases and it becomes worse….

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Easter Puja. Sydney ,Australia, 31st  March 1991. )

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