Mudra : The Khecheri state 

..,,,,,,when the Kundalini is rising, She rises spontaneously and passes through these six centres. That time she also at Vishuddhi, she opens the Vishuddhi and when she emerges through it at that time the tongue is a little bit pulled in just to keep the flow on. This reaction is called as khecheri so when people are very deeply in meditation, those who have achieved great heights in meditation, they find suddenly they get into khecheri situation, or we call as mudra in that state as if some nectar starts flowing from your palette. If you move your tongue upward like that you’ll feel the cool coming down your tongue: try that.       Now this, you don’t have to do when you are in deep meditative state. It starts cooling down your tongue slowly as automatically you get into khecheri state. As far as Sahaja yogis are concerned today, there are very few who really feel that way. The reason is you do not meditate. We do not pay attention to our realization, also. We talk about it quite a lot, in the West specially we discuss it more than to do something about it. We have to meditate every day, just like washing our hands or just like cleaning our teeth, we have to in the morning-time meditate and also in the evening we have to meditate. We have to meditate both the times otherwise we cannot rise, we cannot grow. Just to think that we are realized souls you do not become. This cleansing has to be done every day, every day in and out. And this is why none of the experiences which are described are felt sometimes in Sahaja Yoga and people ask, ”Mother, how it is that we don’t feel the khecheri?” Because your attention is not also there where it should have been.

       So one has to try to meditate in such a manner that it is working of the Kundalini is facilitated. The chakras are cleansed out and ultimately you are in a state of meditation….,

(An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Gauri Puja, Auckland (New Zealand), 8th April 1991.)

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