The purest desire is in My being Itself, that people should be saved.-Shri Mataji(23.04.1985)


……….So you see, you first fix your Mooladhara properly. But Mooladhara can only come with the discipline of your mind. And that discipline of your mind can only be managed by you because you have to see your own mind how it works, how it [dispels / steers] you from the path of ascent. It could be some relationship, might be the husband, might be the wife, might be your children or might be some Sahaja Yogis forming into groups. It could be anything. But whatever it is you must stand out from it, detached, completely, and see for yourself that it is detrimental to your growth.

Now, see, yesterday we had about hundred, over, over hundred new people. Now, they had never known about Me, they [have/had] never seen Me before, except for the[se] photographs, and they came. Why? Why this? They had not even heard My name before, some of them. But why don’t they come to your program say you arrange? What is the difference? It’s the caliber. The, I, I was supposed to be, I am a Yogini…..

With all that together is Sahaja Yoga all the time. Only one thing, that the purest desire is in My being Itself, that people should be saved. It is such an earnest desire that I don’t see the comfort, I don’t see any running away from it, neither I see food. Nothing. To Me the only desire is to save as many as possible [as the saints?]. That is the Primordial Kundalini Itself ,we call it. But what about your Kundalini, the pure desire? The very vivid strand has come up which has given you only one side, a very [vivid] that you’ve got your realization. That’s all. But what about the rest of it which is there, potential within you, which has to rise in you to feel absolutely, completely doing this job?..

(Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Raincy ashram, Paris, France on 23rd April 1985. )

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