In ignorance we live in confusion and in turbulence of our emotions.- Shri Mataji (27.04.1980)

…… But I am the only lucky person I think who has got such brave people around. Who are not afraid to give the message of the truth. People don’t like the truth at all. We are so identified with our ignorance that anybody tries to tell something else, we just defy it. But that is the source of joy. That is the source of bliss. In ignorance we live in confusion and in turbulence of our emotions. When we face truth, and achieve it, and become it, then it becomes a beautiful blossoming for us.

    The fear comes to us through our conditioning within us. We have been told many things which never came true. And sometimes the denial comes to us because we are very much identified with our ego. Ego actually delimits us. Because it thinks and we think that what we think that we are. If we think we are the king, do we become kings? People will call us a stupid fool, if we announce that we are kings. So…think…sorry… So, one should not believe that what we think…that we are. Ego can take you to a very imaginary flight of stupidity. The worst thing about ego is that one does not recognize that he is having a ego trip.

     On the contrary, if you are pestered by your conditioning, you recognize, because it gives you some physical pain, maybe some mental torture. And if you recognize also there is ego, and you start fighting it, it starts bloating like a balloon which is hitted back. So, no use also condemning ourselves for our ego or superego…our conditioning. Both of them have their purpose in our life. When their purpose is served, they are sucked into your being…..

(Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ,Public Program at  Lausanne,Switzerland, 27th April 1980.)

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