The first of the principles of Sahaja Yoga is fortitude.-Shri Mataji (28.04.1991)


……..In a way, we restrict children also by our own conditionings, and also we allow them to behave in a manner that they, as if they are very grown up, matured people. We are so enamored by our children, as if to get children is something great. Anybody can have children, what’s so great about it? You have to look after your children. It’s all right. But it doesn’t mean that you should all the time dote upon them, think about them, worry about them, and nobody else. So, if you have to enter into the limbic area which is the Virata’s place, which is the, I would say, from Visshuddhi to Hamsa and then to your limbic area, into the Virata, then your interest must expand. So the other discretion should be that: “Am I only thinking of my child? Am I only thinking of my wife? Am I only thinking about them, or I am worried about others’ children also? I’m thinking about others’ children?” I just tell you this because it’s such a funny type of a concern we have, and you destroy your children also, by this kind of a indiscreet concern……….

     The first of the principles of Sahaja Yoga is fortitude. Sahaja Yoga is not meant for such dainty darlings. You have to be soldiers of Sahaja Yoga. Your children have to be the soldiers of Sahaja Yoga, not the dainty darlings. It’s not meant for them. Though they are born realized, you are ruining them by making them dainty darlings. You have to rough it out. You have to make them sturdy. You have to give them self-respect. You have to give them dignity and a fortitude, forbearance.

     So this left Nabhi, right Nabhi, specially the left Nabhi, is a very big problem, where the woman has to be a Gruha Lakshmi and husband has not to be a Romeo, but a husband. He has to see how his wife behaves. Correct her – that is his job, his duty. He should not shirk it. Gruha Lakshmi is the woman who should know that she has the great responsibility of creating a very great society of Sahaja Yoga. She’s not an ordinary woman. How many women got their realization before? But in Sahaja Yoga* if you find the ladies, you hardly find very few who are really alert. ….

(Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Hamsa Puja, NewYork ,USA, 28th April 1991. )

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