You  should take bandhan and cure people no need to invite yogis from outside..Shri Mataji (25.03.1991)

 ……So we have to learn from Shri Hanumana who believed to render his service to Shri Rama, we have to ask question ourselves what should be our work, my work is Sahaja yoga , my work is raising kundalini, giving self-realisation , bring peace , love in people, talk to everyone with love, explain people about chakras whatever is need explain them it doesn’t mean you start giving lectures, speak for 2 hours , yogis like to give speeches they cannot leave microphone, this has become new sickness, so you have understand why you need to give such long speeches; there are so many talks of mother make them listen,        You show my videos to new people or make listen to my audio tapes and give pen and paper to write their problems and give them their self-realisation ask them to write down their problems and sickness. Here is only one man running around to clean everybody, you can all clear any one, all the men and women can work to cure people why one man has taken this responsibility.

    you should learn the techniques to cure others, you should take bandhan and cure people no need to invite yogis from outside to take care of it, you are moving around with the badges if you are not able to cure others remove these badges, if you cannot cure yourselves how will do it to others I have given you all the powers, learn how to cure people don’t ask other yogis to come to Calcutta to do this work, nothing is going to happen to you, no sickness can touch you the more you work in Sahaj yoga you will grow more, like the tree the more it will become round it will grow deeper,…

(An Extract of talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Ram Navami Puja Calcutta ,India,25/03/1991)

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