So, ego is much more dangerous than superego is. -Shri Mataji (30.04.1980)

……So, ego is much more dangerous than superego is. It eats you up from within and when it reaches its peak it will start, it starts destroying the all the human race.So we are placed between ego and superego. These two institutions were necessary to grow within us and to be calcified in our fontanelle area because that is how we felt our I’ness. These two institutions of ego and superego. Because we wanted to feel our “I”ness. When these two meet in the head here in your childhood and get calcified, you become Mr XYZ. This “I”ness is given to us to know our freedom and to choose the right and wrong by developing our sense of discrimination, to be XYZ, to be Mr XYZ, the freedom.

So an individuality is given to you. You become an individual. You become an individual. Now this little individual starts thinking that he is the lord of the universe and he just transforms something dead into another dead form and he thinks he’s doing great works. Actually human beings don’t do anything important. Even a small thing, our like our breathing, if we have to analyse it, we’ll be all dead. This evolutionary power is within us in the centre as I told you, comes to us by giving us at different stages the, what you call, sustenance. Sustenance, sustenance. What is the word for sustenance in, no word? I mean the quality. You mean, I mean as in carbon it is tetravalent. Carbon has four valences, the quality of carbon is tetravalent. Like the gold, it is untarnishable.

In the same way we get in our evolution a sustenance by which we rise gradually up to the stage of human beings. ….

(An extract of talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Public Program (German translation). Zurich (Switzerland), 30 th April 1980.)

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