“So when dharma flowers into truth, it’s a very beautiful happening , and that should happen to all of you..” -Shri Mataji (4.05.1997)


……Dharmatit. We become beyond dharma. Means that dharma becomes part and parcel of our being. We cannot lose it. Sahaja dharma becomes, within us, a part and parcel. Which is a very great achievement because then you don’t have to do any rituals. You don’t have to worry about meeting other people. You don’t have to worry that your vibrations will be harmed. Then you don’t catch from anyone. You don’t catch also other negative forces. No one can harm you. That I call as the completion of your shraddha.

That time Sahastrara is so fully enlightened that you become dharma. For example we can give the example of Christ. Christ saw a prostitute being stoned. Now Christ had nothing to do with a prostitute, I mean just the opposite of it. But when he saw she was stoned, he took a stone in his hand, and he says that those who think, who have not sinned at all, can throw a stone at me, and everybody was stunned. Why is he taking the side of a prostitute? He is a religious man. He should also put stones on her. But He was standing on truth. That’s exactly what happens to you when it is established in Sahastrara that you stand on truth.

There’s a little difference in the, I would say, in dharma and in truth. A dharma person might become too dharmic, illogically dharmic. Can go to the right or to the left. A dharmic person might think he is the superior person to others. That, why should he try to save anybody else, let them go to hell. Who cares? This kind of an attitude can come in a person who is dharmic. Also I have seen some Sahaja Yogis, who start new methods in Sahaja Yoga*. You do like this, so it will be alright, you do like that, it will be alright. Because they are not stagnated at the point of dharma. So they start telling people that you do this way, do that way. But when you rise to the point of truth, then you don’t do any rituals, you don’t need any rituals. You are not bothered, because you are in dharma and here you are standing on the truth, and truth is much greater than dharma.
For example a person who is standing on truth. He doesn’t care for any absurd ideas about religion. Even about Sahaj religion. He doesn’t care that “After all this is Sahaja, this is not Sahaja.” He goes beyond. In the sense he sees a global truth within himself. He sees the truth which is all-pervading. Not only sees, but he knows and he feels and he is in that truth. So when dharma flowers into truth, it’s a very beautiful happening , and that should happen to all of you…[…] So we have to go to the foundation of dharma – which is Truth. As described before it’s a Tree of Life which has got its roots up in the brain and the branches in the body. So you have to go to the roots of everything, and that is the place where you reach when you are absolutely established in Sahastrara.

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Sahastrara puja at Cabella Ligure ,Italy, 4th May 1997. )

*To experience realization through Sahaja Yoga Meditations at free of cost, Seekers may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any   other Sahaja Yoga website and TV channel.

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