“All-pervading Power:How is it we are now feeling it through our senses?”-Shri Mataji(3.05.1987)


Question : “All-pervading Power of Brahmachaitanya is beyond senses, you cannot feel it through senses. How is it we are now feeling it through our senses?”

Shri Mataji: …The answer is simple, but it’s difficult to digest. The answer is that all these incarnations [who] came on this Earth were part of the Sahastrara, were part of the Brahmachaitanya, were part of the Adi Shakti. They came on this Earth, gave realisation* to some people who were excellent, good people who had no problems. As if they came out of the ocean of love and took all of them to the ocean of love, to enjoy that ocean. […] Something special has happened to you, that the whole of Brahmachaitanya, the whole Ocean has taken the form of a cloud – that’s Adi Shakti – and has come on this Earth to shower the chaitanya on you people, enrich you, nurture you, develop you, by manifesting the love in such a manner that you have entered into the body of the Adi Shakti.

So like one pitcher which is in the River Ganges, you are like a cell in the body of the Adi Shakti. Your entity, your personality is preserved. Despite that you feel the Brahmachaitanya through your senses and you can give realisations to others, but you are in the body of the Adi Shakti. As long as you are in the body of Adi Shakti you can do all that. This is the greatest thing that has happened. The whole of the Sahastrara has opened out with all the seven peethas of all the deities, who were just part and parcel of it. The whole of it has come in the form of a Mother who is humble, who is deceptive, illusive, who is Mahamaya. It’s the greatest thing that could happen to human beings and to the whole universe that, now, you can get your realisation, you can give realisations to others, you can understand through your senses, through your logic what is vibrations, what it does. [….]

Under these circumstances one has to understand that there are certain limitations which you have to observe. First of all, I have taken you in My body. A foreign thing has to go in the body and it has to be looked after, nurtured. But if you become troublesome, then you’ll be thrown out, I can’t bear you. Some people are extremely troublesome. They do not meditate, they have their own ideas about meditation, they do not develop themselves, they do not mature, they live in the past or in the future, and such people are troublesome….

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devion Sahastrara puja at Thredbo, Australia, 3rd May 1987.  )

*To experience realization through Sahaja Yoga Meditations at free of cost, Seekers may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any   other Sahaja Yoga website and TV channel.

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