“All the thirty-five crores of gods, the deities were present in the heaven to decide that Adishakti to incarnate before sixth May 1970.”-Adishakti (8.05.1988)

……I have to tell you the story about the Sahastrara day, about which it was decided, long time back, before I incarnated. They had a big meeting in the heavens, all the thirty-five crores (350 million) of gods, the deities were there present to decide what is to be done. This is the ultimate that we have to do to human beings, to open their Sahastrara, to open their awareness to the spirit, to the real knowledge of the divine, to remove the darkness of ignorance, and it had to be spontaneously because it has to work the living force of God. Also it had to be very quick.     So all the Gods requested that now, I, the Adi Shakti has to take the birth. They all tried their best. They did whatever was possible; the saints were made by them but very few. They incarnated and people made religions out of them which were perverted and brought them a bad name. No reality in those religions. These religions were money oriented or power oriented. There was no divine force working, actually it was all anti-divine.

    ……To blast them that this is all nonsense, they are no religions, they are against the incarnations, against all the prophets, against all the saints. That’s why all the real saints had to suffer. It’s a powerful work that was to be done, and that’s why Adi Shakti had to take birth on this earth.

      It had to be before the sixth of May because sixth of May was the doomsday in that year. It was done on the fifth of May in the nick of time. It was all decided beforehand, and every deity’s job was allotted to all of them. Very efficient deities, very obedient, they knew me very well, completely dedicated and devoted. They knew me very, very well, every end of my hair they knew. I didn’t have to teach them protocol, love itself gives you protocol, but love that is divine; ….

( An extract of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Sahastrara Puja, Fregene, Italy,  8th May 1988.)

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