“Habit comes to you from matter. “-Shri Mataji (9.05.1985)

……I have seen people going to temples, to mosques, to church and all that, but they have not been able to get rid of habits which are crushing them. They have been trying very hard; they could not do it. We have a doctor in London, he was an alcoholic of the worst type and he had lost everything. And he came to our program, he got his realization. Next day, he left everything. Because you become a personality that cannot be dominated by any habit whatsoever.       

     Habit comes to you from matter. What we do is a dead work. Like if a tree has fallen, we make the table, we think we have done a great job. But we cannot do any living work. We cannot transform flower into fruit, do we? But when we make the table or the chair, we cannot do without it, it sits on our head. So matter is all the time trying to overpower the Spirit. And when you become the Spirit, nothing can dominate you. That is why you know that the saints can live in any place. They are not bothered about comfort; they are only bothered about the comfort of the Spirit. As the Kundalini rises, she gives you a balance. As a result of the balance, your health becomes all right…..
(An extract of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program, Munich (Germany), 9th May 1985.)

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