“The beauty lies within you, and is to be expressed through these Divine vibrations.”- Shri Mataji (01.06.2000)



……..Surprisingly, when this Kundalini rises She somehow or other by joining with the Divine power, All Pervading Power, assumes a personality which is extremely pure, extremely benevolent, extremely tolerant and extremely truthful. All your enemies that we call like anger, lust, greed, all these enemies just drop, and you are no more in the entanglement of those enemies. And you become a free person, absolutely a free person. Above all you are so beautiful. You become such a nice person, that you establish your peace. Now, normal human beings, what do they do? They react, they react at anything. […]  So you don’t react. By not reaction, what happens? That the thoughts that come to you, come from the future and the past. And you are lost in those thoughts because they are jumping on the cusps of these thoughts. When the Kundalini rises, the thoughts are like this. She elongates those thoughts and a space is created which we can call it as pause or [….] in that state you become absolutely peaceful, you don’t think anymore. We call it thoughtless awareness, that Jung has described. That means you watch anything just as a witness, you see everything as a witness.

[…..] where a person becomes absolutely one with himself, complete. And when he looks at anything, he doesn’t react, he sees, he becomes the witness. You become just the witness of the whole thing. Your memory improves, your ideas about creation, anything. I mean you become an extremely, extremely I should say creative person and you don’t develop the pride, you don’t develop falsehood, but you just enjoy creating something. Human being is the most useful thing and the most beautiful thing the Divine has created, but we don’t know what we are, that why always they said “know thyself, know yourself”. Unless and until you know yourself, how can you say “I hate myself or I do, I do that”. Actually the beauty lies within you, and is to be expressed through these Divine vibrations.

Now the health improves no doubt, so many have improved their health. But I’ve seen in London, in the beginning, so many boys were taking drugs gave it up overnight. I never say don’t give up, I don’t say “don’t”, if you say don’t then the half of them will run away. Let them be, let them get their realization. Then automatically the whole thing drops out and you shoot out, out of that and you become the real personality. Thus you know the reality because you are not any more contaminated by your ego or your super-ego, these thoughts come to you from your ego or super-ego, meaning your conditioning, you are .. burdened. You are absolutely free and you see everything in it’s real position. This kind of thing happening was already destined, has been already prophesized, that it is going to happen in those days and so if. So this is how we are going to become ourselves and we will know what we are, and what we are capable of. Our capabilities are fathomless but unless and until we are connected how can we act? For example this instrument, if it is not connected to the mains it is useless, in the same way you are to be connected to the mains is very important, for that you don’t have to do anything, it just works spontaneously within you, and you get your Self-realization* without any doubt. …

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Wiltern Theatre Public Program, Los Angeles USA. 1st June 2000.)

*To experience realization through Sahaja Yoga Meditations at free of cost, Seekers may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other Sahaja Yoga website and TV channel.

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