“The incarnation of Shri Krishna as we say is the incarnation of the divine diplomacy.”- Shri Mataji(2.06.1985)




……The divine diplomacy is expressed through your discretion. If you have a sense of discretion, now you know – this man is dangerous, he is troubling you, now if you have a proper sense, you will remove that person in such a way from amidst yourself that there won’t be any more discussion, or destruction. But on the contrary, what you do is to challenge that person, and a big fight starts. And Sahaja Yogis can fight, I tell you sometimes I don’t know what to say about their fights. So must have discretion, must understand. […..]   Instead of that, one starts fighting, getting angry. That’s not the sign of any realised soul expression. Realised souls expressions have to be extremely discreet, delicate, beautiful.

Nobody should notice that you have been in any way effective, and that’s how you’ll work it out. So the incarnation of Shri Krishna as we say is the incarnation of the divine diplomacy. So he plays. Give you an example how he plays. There was a rakshasa, a devil, who had a blessing from Shiva that nobody can kill him. And only a saint who has never opened his eyes all his life, if he puts his eyes on him, he will be killed. So there was a saint who had a blessing that you go into your yoga, yoga nidra, sleep in your yoga sleep, and once you open your eyes on whomsoever it will fall, such a person will die. Alright, so Shri Krishna was very clever. He was fighting this devil and this devil was about to kill Shri Krishna. And Shri Krishna knew all about this, his background. So he started running away from the field, so he’s got a name called Ranchodas, the one who runs away from the battle field, is regarded as something really derogatory, because it’s not something great to run away from the battle field. So he didn’t mind, he ran away and then this devil started following him. And he went into the cave where this great saint was sleeping in his yoga nidra. And he removed his shawl and put it slowly, delicately, on that saint and hid himself.

So this rakshasa came behind him. He saw him lying down there. He thought this was Shri Krishna. He said, “Ah so now you’re tired, you’re lying down here. Come along now, open your eyes!” And as soon as he pulled the shawl with little strength, this fellow got up and his eyes looked at him and he just was burnt. And he did not mind getting the bad name of Ranchodas. That is the sign of diplomacy…

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Krishna Puja. Englewood at USA, 2nd June 1985.)

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