“It’s better not to suggest too much because if you suggest maybe you are a medium of negativity.”-Shri Mataji(5.06.1979)


………..Now, collectivity is a thing, is to be understood in a much deeper way than we have thought, you see. First of all, in collectivity, when we say this body is a collective instrument made out of many cells, all right? Then what do we understand? That first thing is, in collectivity we must realize that there is interdependence. We have to depend on others. Like he has to depend on her and she is dependent upon him. But when it comes to ego not only that it separates you from each other – that’s not the only thing it does – but it teaches you not to be dependent on anyone. You have to depend on others. You are not to exploit others but you have to depend on others and others have to depend upon you first thing very much. On this subject I’ll tell you a little more….

…yourself watch your own being. That is, how much are you disciplined in Sahaja Yoga? What are you doing for Sahaja Yoga*? How much you are working it out? You see, I have seen, say, in a bhoot, you see. I always play such tricks with you, which I must tell you, that if there is something I’ll shout and say, “All right, now what are your suggestions?” So from the suggestions I know where you are. So I immediately know what is the position here, you see. I’ll take all the suggestions from you. Of course I do. But how much I agree, that only God knows, you see. But, so the suggestions come in very seriously and I find that there’s a lot of negativity. So, it’s better not to suggest too much because if you suggest maybe you are a medium of negativity.

So, you first of all ascertain yourself how far you are, without feeling bad about it, because collectivity is the place where you belong. You do not really belong to this individual being that you are. You belong to collectivity and that’s why you have to be there, and to be there you have to face your, all the time yourself and find out how far you are away from that collectivity, how far you are deciding things for yourself and not for the collectivity. You have to be very much on the alert and this is the discipline you have to pick out yourself.[…..] But if I tell you you have to be alert all the time, within yourself to see that are you in collectivity, are you doing something in collectivity, or you are doing something for yourself? Do not deceive yourself at this point because deceiving yourself means you are deceiving your collectivity. Your chances of being there which is beyond, which you have achieved. So try to do something which is congenial, helpful to collectivity….

…If you are in the collectivity, even if you are not so good, you will be pulled in to it. Now what happens, it’s such a vicious circle that when you are not all right, you will always oppose others and create some sort of a silly situation, or you’ll bring out silly propositions or something like that you see, like a boulder inside the flowing waters. [Sounds like: so we find a little water]. And the suggestions from negative people will be always negative. So if there is negativity within us better to keep quiet, to work it out. That is the biggest thing, negativity. Better to keep quiet if you have negativity within you. Better to keep quiet. Try to remove the negativity. Because if you do not try to do that they act as mediums and they can use you as mediums and you become a medium of Satan instead of God. There you become very collective really. There’s a big fraternity among them…..

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ,Northampton,UK, 5th June 1979.)

*To experience realization through Sahaja Yoga Meditations at free of cost, Seekers may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other Sahaja Yoga website and TV channel.

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