“What is the difference between human beings and animals? ” (13.06.1980)

…,,,What is the difference between human beings and animals? As so many others also have said the same thing, that we are human beings, because we are human beings we have to maintain a certain amount of sustenance. After Socrates we had people like Abraham and Moses, they also said the same thing. There isn’t much difference in what they said and Socrates had said. Socrates had said one more thing, that there are Deities within us and we have to look after those deities, we have to keep them pleased.

     Moses, when he found Ten Commandments, actually he found those ten methods by which he was telling us that we should be able to keep our existence as human beings by following those Ten Commandments. Sustenance means the one we sustain within us. In Sanskrit language, it is called as ‘dharma‘. “Dharayeti sa dharma“: the one which sustains within ourselves.

        For example, if you take a carbon atom, it has got four valences (tetravalent). Anywhere you go and find any carbon atom from any carbon compound, you will find it will have four valences. Every element has the same property in all it’s atoms. That is the dharma. You can say gold has the capacity or a dharma that it is untarnishable. If you see animals, they too have their sustenance. For example, you would not find a horse behaving like a donkey, or a lion behaving like a scorpion. That’s below the dignity of the lion to be a scorpion and a scorpion becoming a worm. The sustenance of these people [creatures] is kept up intact because they have not been given freedom to choose. Only at the human stage, God has given us freedom to choose our sustenance, to accept our sustenance as human beings. Only human beings have been given this freedom….,

(An extract of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program. Stratford, East London, UK,13 June 1980)

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