“The Great Father has planned the whole thing in such a beautiful manner and He is going to look after His own Creation. “-Shri Mataji(16.06.1979)





…….And this Kundalini is the force, which is kept there, residual force, which is kept there for your rebirth, as they call it. The brahmin is called as a dweejaha means the one who is born again, reborn. As Christ himself has said, that you have to be twice born, Like an egg of a hen, you are born, living in this dream and in the cocoon of your own being. When you are ready, the Mother can pierce onto the head of the cocoon and can bring you out, though the transformation has been done by you, within yourself, without feeling it, through the divine force. And I feel today is the time, you are just ripe for hatching, as they say.

The blossom time has come. The time of transformation has come. And thousands have to be transformed. You have to know the meaning of your life because you were created for a purpose. From amoeba to this stage you were brought. And now the One who has created you, the One who has given you all the beauties and the bounties of this Universe, wants you to know Him and enjoy all the bounties, like the Father bestowing properties, all His enjoyments on this Earth, out of His love. Is the manifestation of His love that has brought us to this stage. And His love only is going to give you that status by which you are going to be enthroned into the Kingdom of God. Instead, I know people have been harmed much more.

Is very, very simple proposition, which is difficult for human beings to understand, that this was desired as a father desires for his son. Even when he is not his father, he thinks of a son, how he is going to bring him up and how he is going to bestow all his love and all he is earning on that child. In the same manner, the Great Father has planned the whole thing in such a beautiful manner and He is going to look after His own Creation. No one can destroy it. He is Almighty. Only thing is that you may destroy yourself, because He has made you free. He has given you freedom. He has treated you as a friend. Because if you have to be enthroned, you have to be a free person and you must know how to enjoy the glory of freedom.  In that freedom if you have chosen something wrong then you cannot blame God for that. But even if it is just a mistake then He will work it out with thousand fold of His glories and mercies to see you, that you are safe. He’s going to use all His powers to see that you receive that beauty that is promised. That is what is Sahaja Yoga……

( Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ,Public programme, Dr. Johnson house, Birmingham, UK, 16th June 1979.)

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