“The common point is that you are all seekers, seekers of God, seekers of peace, seekers of love, that’s a common thing. “-Shri Mataji (30.06.1980)

  ……..But we must know that there is a great war going on between satanic forces and Divine forces and all the satanic forces who symbolised as devils, in Sanskrit language they are called as rakshasas, asuras and all that, have taken their birth on this Earth to demolish the Kingdom of God. Imagine! What ambitions! But they want to demolish this kingdom of God in your hearts. The kingdom of God exists, will exist, it’s eternal. It has created Universes after Universes. It has created human beings from amoeba to this stage. It has brought you to this position that today you are here to receive your ultimate goal. It all has happened now.

     At this critical moment, at this precious moment when you are about to enter into the Kingdom of God, all these forces are built up to pull you down. It lies in your wisdom to understand that the forces are very subtle, extremely cunning, beyond your comprehension. Even after entering into Self-realised state you have noticed, how they act on you, try to drag you down, pull you down.

      This war is played not on the conscious plane as it was played before. Say one rakshasa coming in, was alright to kill him. He came as a rakshasa, he came as a devil, he was killed, finished. But today they have come [disguised] as godly men, as god men – as they call them, as god women. They call themselves as god, gurus. They have come in the garb of religion. These ancient rakshasas have taken their birth and they have gone into the minds of the seekers. Thousands and thousands of seekers they have captured. Imagine the situation is so, so precarious and so dangerous. They have entered into the minds of the people who are the seekers, who are the ones who are to be bestowed with this Kingdom, who are to be enthroned, who are to be crowned, have been destroyed, tortured, by these horrible forces. And because it is not in your conscious plane, you cannot see them, you cannot feel them you cannot understand them, how dangerous they are. While they have learnt all the methods of coming into your ego or into your superego, to influence you. That war we all have to fight. If we have to establish ourselves fully in the kingdom of God, we must know that we have to fight all those pulling forces…..

(An extract of talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ,Caxton Hall, London, England. 30 June 1980.)

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