“I am not interested in non-seekers at all. “-Shri Mataji (4.07.1981)

….This time is the judgment time. The Last judgment has started. The first important people are the saints are the seekers. I am not interested in non-seekers at all. I am not interested. I am not bothered about them. At the time being, I’d say now I am not bothered. Maybe later on. Just now I am only bothered about giving realization to people who are seeking and establishing that. That’s all is my problem.

     And that’s what you must face. You must know that you are seekers. You have to get it and establish within yourselves. This is the truth that you are made as an instrument of God’s power and now you’ll be connected to the mains by His powers only, by his Divine love, and that the power will start flowing through you. You’ll be manifesting that power through your spirit and you’ll see for yourself and enjoy that….

      That’s how you have to also have it because you are seekers. Today whatever they are, you are going to be the same. You deserve it. It’s your own. This is what you are seeking. This is what you should have……

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program. Norwich, UK,4th July 1981.)

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