“In Sahaja Yoga you have to be identified equally with everything.”- Shri Mataji(12.07.1981)


……In Sahaja Yoga* you have to be identified equally with everything. You cannot be identified with your eyes more than your nose. Can we? I mean we need both of them, we can’t do away with any one of them. It’s like that. So, everybody is equally important and harmonizing and they are just one. They are a unity. We cannot understand that unity because we are not perfect ourselves and we have never seen such unity in life.

……..Vishuddhi/Angya catch is the worse thing I feel sometimes, because in between these two lies the Heart. You can imagine what a granthi it would be in the heart. So you have to develop that love for Krishna, and understanding about Him. Anybody, anything says against Krishna, they are saying against me. I know for definite, it is Me only. But anything anybody says anything against Mohammad, I will stand up and I will really be angry and furious . If they say against me, as I am today I may not so much because they don’t know about the other person. So you have to understand that you have to be united. Now those who have been Hare Krishna people, they don’t want to hear about Christ. Their Guru has told them, “Don’t worry about Christ.” So they don’t want to hear about Christ. There’s another type who do not want to hear about Mohammad, but Sahaja Yogis must know that we must develop the proper understanding of Krishna, if you have to have this. Now you must know that He is the Primordial being. He’s the one who is the whole. You have to become one with Him. He is the complete awareness, the Chitta, complete. Now we have to become one with Him.  So first of all collectivity has to be developed. ……….

So we have to understand we are Sahaja yogis. We are people responsible for changing the whole world, transforming the whole world into a beautiful place. So we have to change ourselves. We should not find any excuses. We should decide that whatever may happen, we are going to change ourselves, ourselves and not others. … Now, no more you are going to feel guilty, but if you are doing something wrong, against Sahaja Yoga, by which you are bringing bad name to Sahaja Yoga, then you must immediately correct. Such people will be definitely punished whether they feel guilty or not. There’s not doubt about it. But if you are loosing in collectivity, you better improve. …..Sahaja Yoga is not for people who want to go to hell. It’s very easy. But to deny Sahaja Yoga and to defy it after coming to it, and not to accept the verdict of Sahaja Yoga and to displease the deities is the worst thing one can do. Either you don’t come, if you come, you have to obey and understand that these are the laws which are eternal and you cannot surpass them. You accept them, then you enjoy. What’s the use of denying them? If you do not accept them you cannot enjoy yourself and you will create a hell for yourself and for others…

(An extract from H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Krishna Puja, 11 Vallance Road Hove (Brighton),  UK, 12th July 1981.)

* To experience self realisation, you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other website/tv channel.

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