“We have in Sahaja yoga some 3-4 people who will remain egoistical whatever I may try.” -Shri Mataji (12.07.1981)


………You should love the other person. You should be in a loving mood and a happy and joyous mood. You should not worry as to what is going to happen to yourself or to others. Witness the whole play as a detached person. You go on witnessing it and the way it develops, you will be a very lovable person having collectively. Of course this witness state can be also hampered by some people who are egoistical. We have in Sahaja yoga* some 3-4 people who will remain egoistical whatever I may try, I think now. See, they are very difficult people. They are unpopular. No one likes them, sort of people. They don’t understand that collectivity is important. They’ll find faults with everybody but not with themselves. They go on like that. Sometimes they improve a little, again they go down. But, we have to witness all of them. It never justifies your behavior. Supposing somebody is like that, take an X Y Z is like that, is difficult, he doesn’t have collectivity. Say, the position is like that, you see. So now what should be your attitude? Should you get affected by that. Not at all. If you are a witness. Should you get enamoured by that or caught by that or become like that? Not at all, because you are a collective being. What is the third thing you can do? Can you tell me? With such a difficult person, what will you do with such a person? What should we do with such a person? If there is a difficult person with us, there are some people who hate. They hate such a person if he is there, we cannot perfect, we are not supposed to perfect. Are we perfect? Then what should we do?

Sahaja Yogi: We should love him even more.

Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s true we should love, but sometimes he may misunderstand your love. Not only that but he might become more sort of aggressive because he takes your love for granted. What should the Sahaja yogis do?

Sahaja Yogis: Shoe beat.

Shri Mataji – Yes that’s one of them. It’s very simple, very close to you, which you forget.

Sahaja Yogis : Work on him.

Shri Mataji: What….. Alright. But still simpler. What is it?

Sahaja Yogi: Put him in bandhan.

Shri Mataji: That’s it, but even simpler than that.

Sahaja Yogi: Ignore him.

Shri Mataji: That’s your human style, not Sahaja yogi style …

Ray Harris: Tell him your not going to stand for his nonsense.

Shri Mataji: That’s again human, everybody does that … What is the speciality of Sahaja yogis? Now, Gavin is using his brain.

Shri Mataji laughs and says… “Use your heart.”

Linda: “Pray to You that everything will be all right.”

Shri Mataji: “That’s it, that’s it,” she said it. “Leave it to Me,” she said it. That’s how Linda has achieved, so much. Leave it to Me. If you believe in Me, then don’t worry, leave it to Me what ever I say, whatever I say, how to treat that person, just listen to Me. Leave to Me. If I am available you can tell Me, but leave to Me . I know everything, just leave it to Me, and it can be worked out. As simple as that. Sahaja yoga is very simple made easy, absolutely made easy, but still we trust ourselves more, isn’t it, than the Divine. That’s what everybody else does, but for Sahaja yogis it is important that [they] leave it to Me. I know how to manage. I know how to punish and also I know how to save and I know how to love. So leave it to Me. You may write a letter to Me also which I may never read. Doesn’t matter, you may pray, that’s the best way. Things work out better. ..

(An extract from H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Krishna Puja, 11 Vallance Road Hove (Brighton),  UK, 12th July 1981.)

* To experience self realisation, you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other website/tv channel.


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