“You cannot demand anything from God, He has to give you, because He knows what you deserve.”-Shri Mataji (13.07.1983)


………..You have to work it out. This is not the compassion that speaks, talks, elaborates and advertises, but it works. Sahaja Yoga* is a thing that works, the religion that works. And this is what we must understand first of all, that it is not the talking, it is not the precept that you are a great soul: you have to become. Not that you are not, you are. But you have to be aware of it. More light has to flow into you. Definitely you must be something special to get it, no doubt. But you must allow your lamp to be cleared out, cleansed, so that more light is given. And it works wonders for people who honestly want to ascend in spirituality.

As I told you before also that it is a concept that many people have that Sahaja Yoga cures people. It is not true. It is just as a by-product it may cure you; just as a by-product.
So one must understand the blessing has come to you only because you are a seeker, you have done a lots of good in your past life and this life also and that God has chosen you to be in His Kingdom. But it cannot be demanding, you cannot demand, you cannot demand anything from God, He has to give you, because He knows what you deserve. And He gives you much much much more than what you deserve. I mean, I have seen people who have been in Sahaja Yoga that after one year they start asking, “Mother, what did we do to deserve all this?”. They just can’t believe it. I said, “Must be something, you must know there must be something that the blessings have come to you”.

This is one thing that one has to understand that you cannot make Sahaja Yoga compromise for you, you have to understand all the techniques and things about Sahaja Yoga. Now the thing could be that you may start doubting, you see, so that’s what we have people who are doubting about it and doing all kinds of things; you see, in the beginning, they are rather slow movers. So we have to sort them out to begin with, because the second stage of awareness is doubtless awareness: you are doubtless about yourself, doubtless about the working of Sahaja Yoga, doubtless about God’s existence, doubtless about His Laws. You become absolutely doubtless, not mentally, it’s a state, it’s a state of your being by which you achieve lots of results and you really become powerful: you can see your compassion so powerful, so discrete, so understanding, so forebearing. And you are amazed of yourself, you really become a saint in the real sense of the word, that you become humble, flowering, beautifully, not taking anything aggressive upon youself; and you are really in the Kingdom of God that you feel that you are looked after, protected, guided, blessed, every moment you walk along.
And that’s the state everybody should aspire to reach this doubtless awareness; and unless and until you reach that state, we don’t call you sahaja yogi, you may start calling yourself, but that’s left to youself. There are not sort of… we do not have sort of certification, or things going on; or we do not give any written certificates to people, nothing of the kind. It is you who have to certify yourself………

(An extract from H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,Melbourne, Australia, 13th March 1983..)

* To experience self realisation, you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other website/tv channel.

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