“All the stars and universes you become, and take up their work.”-Shri Mataji(31.07.1982)


……..You are the flutes which are going to play the melody of God. You are going to be used and maneuvered by God. I am doing all this to perfect you, to be the most beautiful instrument of God. To be the right instrument of God. I don’t know if you understand how sweet, beautiful life it would be. The life of dedication, with understanding, logical, completely dedicated, extracting all the nourishment, and dedicating it for a higher purpose. Something like the leaves extract the sun’s rays, and give color, achieve color for themselves, for a higher purpose, that they can be used by human beings later on. Nothing on this earth works out the other way round. Everything works out for a purpose; but such an unselfish, such a wide, such a great, dynamic purpose.
You become the ocean, you become the moon, you become the sun, you become the earth, you become the ether, the firmament, and you become the Spirit. You work for all of them. All the stars and universes you become, and take up their work. That’s what it is. Because you have jumped onto your principle, onto your tattwa. That’s how you jump onto everybody’s tattwa. But be dedicated on that tattwa, because I am the principle of all these things. I am the tattwa – Tattvamasi, I am the Principle. Keep to your principle. I am the Kundalini. I am the Essence.
We can only understand dedication of something which looks bigger in gross ways, which appears bigger in a gross way. But we cannot dedicate ourselves to something that is so much subtler, which is so much minuter, which is so much deeper, which is so much effective, which is so much dynamic, so universal and so eternal. We cannot think of dedicating ourselves to that. We can surrender ourselves to somebody who looks like a mountain, who comes to oppress us just like a mountain, who is like Hitler, who is like false guru. But to surrender to your subtler being, which you cannot see with your eyes, which is not audible, but, in effect, is so powerful. Like the atomic bomb, when the atom is split. When it is not split, it is everywhere. But at the subtlest point it’s so dynamic that, when you separate it, it becomes such a dynamic force of destruction. As your attention has now penetrated into the subtler side of this universe, you get deeper and deeper into it. The urge that takes the end of the root to the source of water, is the same as the source. Your Kundalini is the same as the Adi Kundalini and its power, the Parabrahma……

(An extract from H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Cowley Manor Seminar, Cheltenham, England, 31st July 1982)

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