“Marriage must take place in a living way in Sahaja Yoga-..choice is the curse of ego.”-Shri Mataji(9.08.2017)


     God is so kind, Who is bliss, Who is joy, Who has created this whole universe so beautifully. They miss completely because they do not know what is auspiciousness is. Auspiciousness comes from pure heart. With your pure heart, then it works faster …. Then auspiciousness also comes from surrendering, who are surrendered. Those who are surrendered to the power of Sahaja Yoga, Sahaja Yoga* is a system by which you really suck in God’s grace. That you know for definite. So for the people who are surrendered absolutely, through their body, their mind and their intellect, they are the people who bring in the auspiciousness…..
         If you realize the importance of auspiciousness in married life – in Sahaja Yoga, you would have respect for that married life, praise for that married life – in relation to Sahaja Yoga, of course, no doubt…….I must tell myself that I have to behave Myself to make the marriage successful. And some of them get possessed. And sensible people get possessed and they start behaving in such a manner that marriage can never come. I give you a case of someone whose marriage was this year. As soon as the marriage was declared, the person became so possessed that in this person lost all his sweetness, everything, all the beauty and started misbehaving. ….

      So, one has to understand that marriage must take place in a living way in Sahaja Yoga and this match thing, as I told them must be brought right. Now in selecting women you have to understand that – all men. You select the person – choice is the curse of ego. Ego plays because of choice. I mean, you can have choice of everything otherwise, you can have another kind of a chandelier, you can have that, that, that. Material things you can have. …And that’s why the choice part of a wife which you have too much, you see – where you do the choicing [ thing ?] out of thousands of experience say, this, that and then you will choose someone – very grateful. ….

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Chelsham ashram, London, UK, 9th August 1981.)

*To experience self realisation you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahahajayoga website/tv channel. 

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