“When you become the spirit, the spirit becomes your guide, and he guides you in his enlightenment.”- Shri Mataji(11.08.1988)

spirit is guide

…….William Blake from England, about hundred years back he lived, has said that, “The time will come when many seekers of truth will be born. They are the men of God, they will be transformed, and they will have powers to transform others”. This transformation is what we call, is the birth which takes place second time. It is not just a certificate we should have, from some institution that we are born again. Or we have become a twice born person, as we call in India a Brahmin, who thinks that he is really baptized. But the real baptism is a happening….

Logically one should understand if Christ had suffered for us. Are we going to suffer more than Christ had suffered? Has He left something undone that we have to suffer any more? He suffered because there was a problem in the human awareness. People were lost in ritualism and in philosophic discussions. So His message was that of resurrection. That is being clearly shown if you see the Sixtine Chapel in Vatican you see a huge big Christ sitting there and judging people and giving them resurrection. So the time has come for us, all of us to enter into the kingdom of God. Now the time has come, this is the blossom time that many have to become the fruits………

To work out the Kundalini awakening*. As if you were made into a beautiful computer already programmed in a very efficient manner by the Divine, which commits no mistakes. And you are just to be now connected to the mains. Once you are connected to the mains you start working as a very fantastic dynamic compassionate personality. ….

It is the becoming that is a real transformation within. When you need not be told what is to be done, you become the spirit. And when you become the spirit, the spirit becomes your guide, and he guides you in his enlightenment. In its enlightenment you see the right path. You become righteous, you become compassionate, you become peaceful, you become innocent. Above all you become powerful, your compassion and love becomes powerful. You develop a new awareness within yourself on your central nervous system. What we call as collective consciousness. That is you can feel another person on your fingertips. That you can feel your self, your own centers on your fingertips……

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ,Public Program. Geneva, Switzerland on  11th August 1988.)

*To experience self realisation, you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other website of sahajayoga/tv channel.

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