“America is the Vishuddhi chakra and that is the place where the confusion starts,…”-Shri Mataji (13.08.1982)

…….You see American people think no end of themselves. This is the biggest problem. They think they are always right….

      They are so confused, so complicated, they are extremely complicated, in everything that they do there is a disgrace. Like they will help a country, they will try to show off, that the, they have got the grace of the tradition you see; a traditional country when it helps other country it understands that if it is helping other country it is helping themselves because they are, they can’t bear the poverty of the other country. That’s how they are. I think even the President Roosevelt said that “poverty anywhere is threat to prosperity everywhere”, you see, he could feel the collectivity, he said so, but Americans thinks, you see, no end of themselves and they think they are very great and they won’t make mistakes and always side with wrong people, because they are so confused and so complicated, always side with wrong people, they have compromises always with negativity. It is a very difficult country. I learnt it first time I went to America “I said nothing doing, I’ll not go back”, because they are so confused, you know. Now the confusion comes to them because they are at the Vishuddhi, see America is the Vishuddhi chakra and that is the place where the confusion starts, you see, ego and the super ego get stuck. So either they’ll be on the super ego trip if they come out of it they’ll be on the ego trip, and that’s why there are extremely confused people and they have so many compromises, you see. …

     And now, just see their foreign policy I mean they are so funny, they are giving their armaments to all the countries,….this is such a anti-Vishuddhi work, it’s anti-God, completely anti-God, because you are going to create good relationships, you are there to create such governments which will work out with love and affection and give people freedom and all that, here you are, you are giving them a weapon of destruction and making them strong in destroying each other. I mean, this is what they’ve been doing always identifying the wrong type of people, always, now say they are more sided with Pakistan than with India. You know that India is the country for spirituality, you see. And all Americans are in India seeking God, but their government is supporting Pakistan against India, I’m not saying that because I’m an Indian, but as a Mother I see this very clearly that in spirituality one day India has to come. ….

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,Brompton Square, London , UK, 13 August 1982.)

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