“The Sanyasis have no religions,they are dharmatita, they go beyond the religion.”- Shri Mataji (14.08.1988)

…..like in India Shiya people respect Auliyas or we can call them the people who are Realized souls like Nizamuddin Saheb. Then we have got “Chisti”. We have got, in Ajmer, Hajrat Chisti. All these great Saints were respected by Shiyas. But still they could not transcend the limits of religiosity. So they also became extremely fanatic.
        Firstly they would not see to another religion where they had saints. They would not respect the saints who belonged to another religion and even when we had a great saint like Sai Nath of Shirdi, who was a Muslim to begin with, and it is said that Fatima herself brought him as a child in her lap and gave him to some lady. We did not deny, as far as Hindus were concerned, his saintliness, but the Muslims did not accept it.

       There’s another one who is called Haji Malang, who is very near Bombay, who was a realised soul. He, too, realised the fanaticism of the Shias. `Shia’ word comes from Siya; in U.P. Sita is called as Siya. Sitaji is called as `Siya‘. They also did not realise that there are saints who are not, so called, Muslims but they are saints. So they could not get out of it. So we have another one called Haji Malang who was worshipped by Hindus. Some Muslims also go there, no doubt. This Haji Malang was quite worried about the fanaticism of the Shias, so he appointed some Hindus to worship him, just to counter balance. They did all kinds of things.

…….Even Hazrat Nizamuddin’s things are the same way as the Hindus do. They all make an earnings, I mean it’s a kind of a commercial business. So this saint died and was buried there. There were many people who were depending on it. …. ‘Saints have no religions.’ So I said ‘Then why do you want to follow religion? Why don’t you follow his religion?‘ They have no religions. Even, it is said, in Sanskrit, [that] the Sanyasis have no religions. They are dharmatita, they go beyond the religion. . ….

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Fatima Puja, St Georges, Switzerland, 14th August 1988.)

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