” If you don’t look after the money that is collected for God then there is dangers, so be very careful about your chastity in yoga.”- Shri Mataji (19.08.1984)

……I don’t want to frighten, but do not try to play about with this religious money, be very honest, and meticulous do not waste money, it is very dangerous, it will affect your parents, it will affect your children, it will affect everything, so be very very careful on that point, I have to tell you extremely with great care and caution, that is you don’t understand because auspiciousness,you don’t understand, it is inauspicious to play with Gods money, which is the work of God. For me what, everything is mine, I mean if I take away everything that you have, I’m not committing any sins because I’m sinless, but still how meticulous I am with money, you can ask people, every pi that I spend of yours is recorded, of course mine I don’t because that will embarrass me, but every account, everything is recorded if I spend the money and I see to it that I pay back, that’s what you have to be careful about, that don’t play about with money, that’s one thing. 

       I must warn you because this is really you have entered into the Kingdom of God, and the laws of Kingdom of God are to be observed. Now we can say that alright if you are not paying income tax to the government doesn’t matter in yoga much, really doesn’t matter though I would always like to pay, but doesn’t matter so much but if you don’t look after the money that is collected for God then there is dangers, so be very careful about your chastity in yoga*, it is very important, your chastity is extremely important, and you have to preserve your chastity more than anything else, because once you loose your chastity, you will loose all your powers, so that is very important thing, keep your eyes on the Mother earth, when you walk, try to train your eyes, be on the Mother earth, treat every woman as your sister, that’s how you’ll work it out, then the things will come back, because that’s the power of Ganesha which we must achieve, innocence, and it will come, it works out, Ganesha was awaken within you, gives you that power. So try to understand this, for that you don’t have to exert much because you’ll see God helps you so much that you control everything in such a manner that you enjoy your chastity, you enjoy your generosity, you enjoy all your virtues, ….

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi after Shri Krishna Puja, New Jersey (United States) Sunday, August 19th, 1984.)

*To experience self realisation,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/ tv channel.

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