“We should be in the state of complete mirth and enjoyment.”- Shri Mataji(23.08.1986)


………Actually when we start looking at ourselves the first thing you notice is that there’s a block on the Agnya, but this block in the Agnya is the worst thing that can happen to us because it is the door of the Kundalini. She reaches up to Vishuddhi all right, and then She has to move forward, this Agnya stops it. That’s why we have left Vishuddhi, we have all the Vishuddhi problems. The flow cannot take place. Also this is one of the reasons we feel guilty because of left Vishuddhi. It’s a symptom of a disease. Today we are going to worship Shri Krishna. So we have to understand first of all that we’re Sahaja Yogis. We’re not ordinary people or we’re not people who have not known the truth; we have known the truth. We have to be completely aware of it. That’s one truth if you establish, you have established yourself quite a lot………

First of all, He tried to break all the concepts. First the concept He broke was that you have to be like a ascetic to look. He broke this concept; He lived like the king. In His childhood He used to go and play with the cows. And there He would use a peacock’s feather to decorate Himself, and He would listen to beautiful music of the river Yamuna and reproduce it. He was leelala, He was the one who created all kinds of mirth. What is mirth in French? They don’t have mirth, I believe. It’s not fun, it’s more than… , it’s mirth. Mirth is sweeter than fun, all right, sweet fun. What a word! Sweet fun! This is mirth, now what is happening to you is mirth. I’m creating mirth in which you feel tickled, you know. Mirth is something where you feel tickled.

So He tried to create mirth, never seriousness but He was not frivolous. He was Yogeshwara. He was not frivolous, so this difference between frivolity and mirth is to be understood only through Him because He’s also discretion. Mirth is joy-giving, frivolity is destructive. Anything frivolous if you do……So we have to be in a state of mirth, so no question of feeling guilty comes in, you’re not prisoners are we? We’re prisoners of our own concepts and our own ideas and our own degradation. We degrade ourselves, God does not. So we should be in the state of complete mirth and enjoyment. ..

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ,Krishna Puja seminar, Schwarzsee, Switzerland, 23rd August 1986.)

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