“When you start finding your attitudes towards life is changing then you must realize that you have become a yogi.”- Shri Mataji (6.09.1986)


…..the living process has to be worked out in a living way. Allow it to work out. Allow it to grow. So the whole attitude should be changed. And when you start finding your attitudes towards life is changing then you must realize that you have become a yogi. If your attitude is not changed []….is very arrogant and he is taking too much time, better not worry about him. But if there’s an attitude of a seeker who wants to get his realization, we better do it. I think we have not yet touched those shores where there are real seekers existing. That’s why we are getting very, very few people……….

So you should not go about picking up some beggars on the street. “Please come to Sahaja Yoga. Please come to Sahaja Yoga”. What are they going to do? They are just liabilities. What are they going to help us? I am not saying that we should go after rich people or people who are of eminence but people who are already recognized by public as something sensible, wise, whom you think have good vibrations and are capable of doing something in Sahaja Yoga. I think you should approach boldly and tell that that you have found out this and this. If you approach ten people you will find that at least three people will be happy to do something. That’s a much better way of doing things than to catch hold of a one person here and a one person there and a one person there. They’ll come to you. I was surprised when they told me that there were lots of people who came; one by one all disappeared. One fellow was taught the complete Kundalini yoga for eight months and he also disappeared. He never had the experience. Once you establish them up to a point where they start feeling the vibrations and feeling the joy, they’ll never give up Sahaja Yoga*. But you must also weigh a person, how deep he is. So the whole attitude towards spreading Sahaja Yoga should be that it is not a thing that is to be thrown away before people who do not understand……..

Then you keep that in your mind. With that, if you approach with a proper attitude of self-confidence then I am sure you can do very well. But there should be self-confidence in you. That doesn’t mean that you should aggress but there should be a self-confidence. If you have to do something right, you have to be yourself, fully confident of it. Otherwise, nobody is going to believe you…….So far we have had no knowledge about living processes. Whatever knowledge we have had is of dead, like you can make a house out of a dead tree, from dead to the dead. But living processes you have never understood. So the whole working of saintliness is nothing but your attitude towards the knowledge, how the living process of our evolution works out, and complete confidence in your knowledge……..

(An extract from Pre-Ganesha Puja talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on. California, San Diego, USA,  6th September 1986. )

*To experience self realisation,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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